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From "Steven Noels" <>
Subject Proposal: alternative for book.xml
Date Sun, 17 Mar 2002 15:36:10 GMT
I've been looking into book.xml, looking for a replacement which is less
linked to the idea of generating static document collections. I've
baptised my alternative 'sitemap', a name which is bound to be changed
due to prior art, but the best name I could come up with so far.

What I have so far is a XML Schema proposal - I want to throw it in the
group for feedback. The idea is that each project provides a
sitemap.xml, which can be manually authored as-is for the entire site
structure, or the result of doing some sort of directory traversal. We
could have some sort of SitemapDirectoryGenerator which generates such a
document, checking whether there are sitemap.xml in a directory that
override the default sequence.

I haven't put any comments in the Schema, yet, so here goes:

- sitemap: pretty obvious
- node: a node contains other nodes or leafs (for filesystem based
structures, this would be a directory, but I choose a more generic name
with e.g. Xindice-backed document collections in mind)
- leaf: a document resource
- import: specifies which sitemap.xml should be imported in this
location (we could also do this using XInclude)
- external: provision for externally linked resources

Creating a stylesheet that transforms this document structure to a tree
navigation or a 'yahoo-path' is fairly trivial.

One thing I'm not to happy with is the use of output-media dependent URI
attributes on node and leaf:

  <leaf label="Home" uri="index.html"/>

This obviously will cause problems when generating other-than-HTML

The idea basically is that we should be able to create such a sitemap
document for each kind of resource.

Anyway, here goes as a first proposal: fire at will!


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