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From "Steven Noels" <>
Subject RE: home.html
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2002 19:52:46 GMT
Stefano wrote:

> Guys, we have to decide if we go static or dynamic first!

There's not too much to decide if the hosting facility prefers static
HTML for the time being, no?

I'm in favour for going dynamic, but who will host that? I still believe
we should start with a common-browser edition of the site using
Cocoon-CLI to publish to the live site. If and when is convinced of the fact that Java webhosting
is a feasible thing with the current servers, we can easily switch to a
dynamic site supporting any favourite brand of web browser/WAP phone/you
name it.

If one of our build targets is a neatly packaged cocoon.war (or .cb, or
whatever will be decided upon on cocoon-dev), I'm sure we will find
people collaborating with us to do some load tests to argument the
'dynamic-is-feasible' case.

Or should we start the discussion upfront?
I'll be happy to support that case, although I doubt whether the timing
is right ATM.


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