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From "Steven Noels" <>
Subject RE: Forrest needs xdocs ASAP for direction
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2002 21:20:26 GMT
> "Piroumian, Konstantin" wrote:
> >
> >
> > Wow! I haven't seen that one. Looks cool. (Just was going
> to write that
> > current index.htm is like a teenager's Home page ;))

Hey, I'm 30 years old and a father of 2 (almost 3) kids :-)

That was only meant as a placeholder, for sure.

Stefano wrote:

> > > Another thing is to use the Generator that Gianugo made
> that uses xpath to
> > > make it possible to remove all book.xml files.
> I would like to talk more about this. We have to decide
> whether we want
> implicity or explicit documentation descriptors.

Hm. Good point.

As for our own site, we have a little commandline directory traverser
which is comparable to the DirectoryGenerator but does an extra XSLT
transformation on each XML document which extracts the document
title/label and puts that in an XML tree document. Nothing which can't
be done using the default DirectoryGenerator and a stylesheet using the
dreaded document() function. We use the same global XML tree to
automatically add a 'yahoo-path' (global-path in Konstantin's proposed
home.xml) to each aggregated document, and a ToC where the current
document is highlighted.

As far as Gianugo's Generator is concerned, I'm lost: I can't find it

I also would like to remove the book.xml files, but how will be keep
track of sequence? Using something like a DirectoryTraverser, we lose
the notion of document order, since we can only sort them using some
file attribute. Using a book.xml-like mechanism, we can sort the
documents in any order we want (manually, alas).

One idea we had was having an site-index.xml document inside each
directory, listing the documents inside that directory that should be
put in a specific order, the rest of them would be appended to that list
alfabetically. For the entire site ToC, we then only needed to aggregate
all site-index.xml docs into one large document. Dunnow if this would be
good practice.

> > Do you mean XMLDB generator? I'll take a look at it, never
> used it before.
> > Do you think that xdocs contain enough data to be used for
> menu generation?
> > I'll take a look at it too.

They should, centralizing this is bound to cause problems in terms of

Why not add an extra attribute 'label' to the xdocs document element?

On a side note: shouldn't we decide what to do with the title attribute
for sections... I'd really like to change that into a title element,
instead, if only to be able to use some cosmetical elements child
elements inside when necessary (I sometimes include <code> fragments
inside my kind of <title> elements).

> > Are we using document-v11 format for docs? I've seen a
> DocBook proposal.
> I think there is consensus around here to use Document_v1.1 as the
> markup and augment it as necessary, but with *great* caution.

Yep - we already went through the obligatory Docbook vs xdocs
discussion. Let's KISS.


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