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From "Steven Noels" <>
Subject RE: [UPDATE] Last call to get new documentation stylesheets
Date Thu, 21 Mar 2002 09:14:56 GMT
Konstantin wrote:

> Hi!
> Here goes the recent version of my working files, including
> document2html.xsl with the new look-and-feel. Please
> commit/update all these
> files, otherwise it's going to be difficult to keep in sync with CVS.

Yes, I'm having troubles already to find out where I should put this
stuff. (Thanks, BTW, I know I seem reluctant to commit those, but to be
honest, I'd prefer to talk over the general picture instead of joyfully
fixing little tidbits here & there... but anyway, your stuff will be
useful if only to get our own forrest project site up & running soon).

> Stylesheets contain some parts that should be removed/moved
> to other places,
> like <?xml-stylesheet?> and entity declarations. I've placed
> them to be able
> to edit stylesheet in XML Spy that does not support entity catalogs.

I understand this, but prior to committing, I really want you to work
out these local dependencies and make sure your stylesheets are fully
integrated with the "build docs" target... preferably a unified diff.
Otherwise, your effort will be in the repository but will not be taken
care off by anyone but yourself. OK?

> Take a look at the cocoon-site.html. You'll notice that the
> page header is a
> little strange, but I don't know how to handle pagination
> correcly. Are
> there any suggestion on how the navigation links should behave and how
> should the document page title be generated?

If you provide me with a unified diff, I can commit ASAP and we can
start fixing those issues together.

> Another issue that I've been fighting: <pre> element were
> displayed with
> Arial font for some reason. Please, tell me if anybody else
> notices such
> behavior.
> That's all for now. I know that everybody now busy at Cocoon
> release/Conferences/paid work, but it'd be fine to have new styled
> documentation for Cocoon 2.0.2.

Yes indeed, and thank you for that.


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