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From "Steven Noels" <>
Subject RE: [UPDATE] Last call to get new documentation stylesheets
Date Thu, 21 Mar 2002 09:35:07 GMT

> This stuff is just a start point for the discussion on the
> content model
> and, of course, stylesheets are ready to be used for document
> generation.
> But I didn't yet think where to place them. Now I work only in
> directory with this structure:
> /xml <-- my working XML files
> /xsl  <-- my working XSL files
> /dtd <-- my working DTD and Schema files
> *.html
> *.css
> What about a scratchpad or work directory somewhere in CVS
> for proposed or
> incomplete stuff?

If it doesn't integrate with the current centipede-based structure, it
shouldn't be in CVS to start with ;-)

Seriously: I believe adding this, without an Ant target that effectively
does something with it, would not do justice to your effort. So sorry
for being obnoxious.

> > I understand this, but prior to committing, I really want you
> > to work out these local dependencies and make sure your
> > stylesheets are fully integrated with the "build docs"
> > target... preferably a unified diff. Otherwise, your effort
> > will be in the repository but will not be taken care off by
> > anyone but yourself. OK?
> Ok, I get your point. Will look at it today. Unified diff
> does not contain
> all differences I made, maybe because of out of sync local
> files, that's why
> I've sent files themselves.

Cool - now we're finding each other! :-)


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