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From Konstantin Piroumian <>
Subject RE: Run, Forrest, run!
Date Fri, 29 Mar 2002 15:13:39 GMT
> From: Steven Noels [] 
> Hi G.I. Gump ;-)

G.I.? Global Initiative? ;))

> > The main idea behind the book.xml is to provide links to
> > files (documents),
> > but we need also comfortable navigation between sections of
> > the document
> > (topics). This can be solved by using the XPath-enabled
> > directory generator,
> > but in that case we don't need book.xml anymore, otherwise we
> > will have to
> > create some XPath enabled transformer, that will iterate
> > through the book
> > menu items and generate book topics retrieving them from 
> the according
> > document.
> Although I favor dynamic generation, we are still left with the
> 'sequence problem' - unless we leave some sort key inside 
> each doc that
> can be picked up by the XPathDirectoryGenerator ... not sure 
> if this is
> a feasible/good idea, either.

No, it's not a good idea for sure.

> Apart from my proposition of having some less book-oriented
> sitemap-describing thing dispersed throughout the directory structure,
> please re-read my ideas in
> and
> concerning this
> ordering issue.

Yes, I remember that discussion. But recent Nicola's updates shows that we
are back to the start point again, I mean same old book.xml format. If you
remember, I've created a document oriented index file (in
book/chapter/section format) to be used with project documentation, but that
idea also died.

What about a dynamic book.xml? Say, a book.xml that contains also some
transformer tags for document sorting/filtering etc.? Book.xml format is
rather limiting without an intermediate transformation to add also book
sections/chapters to the navigation menu.

	<book src="doc1.xml">
		<title><xdir:insert select="doc1.xml#/@title"</title>	
		<!-- Some tag to insert chapters and sections here -->
	<book src="http://www... .doc2.xml">
		<title>Some external book</title>

Something like this (just an RT).


> Thanks,
> </Steven> - still trying to find some time within a week or 
> two to fully
> participate again :-(

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