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From "Piroumian, Konstantin" <>
Subject RE: [UPDATE] Last call to get new documentation stylesheets
Date Thu, 21 Mar 2002 14:52:19 GMT
> From: Steven Noels [] 
> Konstantin,
> > This stuff is just a start point for the discussion on the content 
> > model and, of course, stylesheets are ready to be used for document
> > generation.
> > But I didn't yet think where to place them. Now I work only in
> > directory with this structure:
> > /xml <-- my working XML files
> > /xsl  <-- my working XSL files
> > /dtd <-- my working DTD and Schema files
> > *.html
> > *.css
> >
> > What about a scratchpad or work directory somewhere in CVS for 
> > proposed or incomplete stuff?
> If it doesn't integrate with the current centipede-based 
> structure, it shouldn't be in CVS to start with ;-)

Never heard about Centipede. What is it for? And where does it come from? It
would be good also to have some information about Krysalis. 

What about a newcomers.xml or info.xml?

> Seriously: I believe adding this, without an Ant target that 
> effectively does something with it, would not do justice to 
> your effort. So sorry for being obnoxious.

That's Ok. I've been trying to get integrated with build docs and ....

> > > I understand this, but prior to committing, I really want you to 
> > > work out these local dependencies and make sure your 
> stylesheets are 
> > > fully integrated with the "build docs" target... preferably a 
> > > unified diff. Otherwise, your effort will be in the 
> repository but 
> > > will not be taken care off by anyone but yourself. OK?

...couldn't get my docs processed ;(
I've never used Cocoon from CLI and have no idea where the problem can come
from. I've tried to access the same content from browser and everything's
fine - I see the needed page and even can navigate to and from using this
URL format: http://localhost:8080/cocoon/mount/forrest/page3333[1].html <--
as I remember something like this proposed Stefano. I din't go further to
add also book, chapter and section to the URL, but it'll be easy to add as
we get buildable docs.

Here goes details of what I've tried (relative to src/documentation
 - added automount pipeline to the root sitemap (copied from Cocoon)
 - created mount/cocoon directory
 - placed a sub-sitemap there
 - placed all needed files there too (including page.css and images/)
 - changed link to to mount/cocoon/
 - >build.bat docs
xdocs/ docs are generated correctly
mount/cocoon/ docs thrown exception: StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
somewhere in Xalan.

The same content is displayed correctly with latest Cocoon and Tomcat 4.0.

So, now I need help from some Cocoon-CLI/Ant expert but can't share my work
with him using CVS.

> >
> > Ok, I get your point. Will look at it today. Unified diff does not 
> > contain all differences I made, maybe because of out of sync local
> > files, that's why
> > I've sent files themselves.
> Cool - now we're finding each other! :-)

Are there any suggestions on how we can proceed with it? Speaking frankly,
I'm too lazy to update Cocoon in Forrest locally and try to find out the
cause of the problem. Any volunteer? ;)


> </Steven>

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