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From "Piroumian, Konstantin" <>
Subject RE: home.html
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2002 14:37:34 GMT
> From: Stefano Mazzocchi [] 
> "Piroumian, Konstantin" wrote:
> > 
> > Hi!
> > 
> > Is there any special/political/technological reason for 
> using so much 
> > 'div's for HTML layout?
> Lightness. But I'm fully aware the above doesn't work on 4th 
> generation browsers and below.

I see.

> The HTML layout is *not* the final result, but only there to 
> show people where we're going.
> > I am absolutely sure that it's possible to get the same 
> layout using 
> > simple 'table's and 'span's.
> Oh, of course.

I've tried to rewrite home.html using tables and although Netscape did't
crash anymore on it, but result was not readable (fonts are too small:
Netscape CSS interpration is a little different) so I gave it up for now.

I am going to split home.html into XML/XSLT right now. Are there any
proposals on the XML format for the home.html sections? Currently I see the
following parts that can be created/generated independently:

	* Global path ( >
	I have no idea where this information can come from. What about a
special path.xml in the root directory?

	* Caption (logo, title, search form)
	This part can be made completely with XSLT and does not require XML
content (except maybe the site title). What do you think?

	* Main menu
	This can be made using book DTD.

	* Software list (Main content)
	This is the main content of the page. XML format is more or less
obvious (elements with names like 'div's class names in html). How do you
feel about this:
		<category label="Parse">
			<software name="Xerces">
				is a fully-validating XML parser. It
implements the W3C DOM API (level 1 and 2)
				the SAX2 API and the JAXP API. Validation is
driven by either DTD or XMLSchema. 
       				A Perl wrapper for the C++ version is
available as well as a a COM wrapper 
       				for full interoperability with the Microsoft
MSXML parser. 
	A question: should description part support inline text elements
such as 'strong', 'link', etc.?	

Other parts are:
	* Mail lists
	* News
	* Systems
	* Calendar

Is there any idea what should be the source of all this: static XML files or
something more dynamic?
> > That will make pages editable with a visual tool (e.g. DreamWeaver).
> So? nobody is ever going to edit those pages with a external 
> visual tool anyway since they will be generated out of XML.

Before we can have XML (DTD or Schema) and formatting XSLT we should be able
to design it easily and see how it look like in HTML, isn't it? Usually the
process I use is this: create HTML prototype, create sample XML content
file, create XSLT using copy/paste from HTML prototype.

> > And maybe that is the cause that makes
> > pages unaccessible for 4.x browsers?
> yes, we have already agreed on that.
> > FYI: trying to open home.html with Netscape 4.7 crashed it with Dr. 
> > Watson.
> Guys, we have to decide if we go static or dynamic first!

Why not start with static then change to dynamic if Apache site maintainers
make a decision on this.


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