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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Add a list to MARC
Date Tue, 05 Mar 2002 06:59:05 GMT
Thanks a million Hank. The way you have it now is fine.
Your "Principle Of Least Astonishment" is well-understood.

The "forrest-dev" group did discuss what to call it on
MARC and decided that the "xml-" prefix is preferred.
As you point out, that would produce a conflict with the
list's actual name. Apache should name their lists
differently if that is how they want it.

Thanks again for the brilliant MARC service.

Hank Leininger wrote:
> On Tue, 5 Mar 2002, David Crossley wrote:
> > Hello, i did not receive any reply to this request. However,
> > i notice that there is now any entry for this list. The problem
> Ah, yup sorry I think your request came in while I was on the road, so I
> got the list added and old messages imported, but didn't reply :-P
> > is that it is under the wrong section and has the wrong list name.
> > Please move it from Misc:forrest-dev to Apache:xml-forrest-dev
> Well, it should have been in the Apache group, and I've fixed that.
> forrest-dev now appears with the other Apache lists.  As long as it *is*
> in the Apache group, we've not been prefixing Apache project names to
> project-specific lists unless they a)might be ambiguous otherwise
> ("general" or "announce") or b)they were added some time ago when we
> were more readily prefixing list-names, ignoring the Principle Of Least
> Astonishment violation of not having the lists archived by their real
> name.  There are some xml-* lists, but most (xerces-*, xalan-*, soap-*,
> etc) are named exactly what the XML project named 'em.  When I added
> forrest-dev, it didn't seem likely to conflict with anything else so I
> didn't munge the name at all.
> The inconsistency is unfortunate, because it is its own POLA violation.
> If you feel particularly strongly either way I can always rename the
> list (and add the old->new names to a translation list that allows old
> links to work).
> Thanks,
> Hank Leininger <>
> E407 AEF4 761E D39C D401  D4F4 22F8 EF11 861A A6F1

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