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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: rationalise storage of DTDs and other entities
Date Sat, 02 Mar 2002 11:35:10 GMT
Steven Noels wrote:
> Nicola and David wrote:
> > David Crossley wrote:
> > > I have now centralised the location of all the external entities,
> > > as we discussed. They have been amalgamated at
> > > src/resources/schema/
> >
> > Good. :-)
> Well, our diffs are pretty similar - hehe. I have found my Australian
> alter ego :-)

Reporting from the antipodes ... i checked your diffs
and it looks like we have it all in CVS now. There is a
different directory name at schema/relax/ instead of
schema/relaxng/ ... do you want to change it to the latter?

I see that you did the same as me with the initial xdocs/*.xml
i.e. declare them to be document-v11.dtd even though the
<s1> element is now gone. We can catch up later - there
is an associated stylesheet job too. I did not feel like getting
involved with that at this stage. 

> > > Ken, some of these changes may be relevant for Centipede.
> >
> > My rule of the thumb is: if someone touches ./tools, it's a
> > Centipede update right away.
> > All else can wait consolidation...
> > ...looking at new code...
> > Oh, you you are right: it will have to be put in Centipede also.
> > Thanks.
> Yep.
> > > I have also removed the xdocs/dtd/*
> > > So now we are reliant on the entity resolver to find all
> > > external entities. It works for me on Linux. How goes it
> > > for others? ... do build docs.
> >
> > W2000, JDK1.4: yup it works! :-)
> Same here - let's just doublecheck the possible bug in the resolver when
> there is a comment at the end of a catalog file.

Yes, it happens for me too. An unclosed comment
i.e. -- (without the closing --) causes the build to hang.
The "bug" happens anywhere with an unclosed comment
i.e. not only at the end of the file. I suppose that XML Catalogs
(schema/catalog.xcat) helps with having a reliable catalog
file ... have not tried that yet.

> > > I have left the old directory src/resources/schemas/
> > > in place for a little while because i am wondering if
> > > anyone had any outstanding commits for the v1.1 DTDs.
> > IMHO if you axe it now it will cause less confusion.
> What we also could do is import the old catalog for some time (there's
> no depreciation method in XML however). See my uncommitted .zip.

Ah, you are talking about a different thing here Steven - still
very relevant. I was talking about leaving the recent DTDs that
Stefano is working on for Forrest, until he has checked in
any changes. We can merge any changes into the final set
at src/resources/schema/ then remove the redundant
src/resources/schemas/ directory.

You are talking about the old DTDs that are inherited from
Cocoon via Centipede. There are two possibilities:
A) copy any version 1.0 DTDs over when we need them
B) use a CATALOG directive inside the main Forrest OASIS
catalog to point to the old stuff. 

I was not sure what to do at this stage so i opted for A.
My assumption was that we do not need the old DTDs.
However, if we do need them then the Public Identifiers do
facilitate old xml instance documents declaring the old DTDs.

I suppose that the looming issue is going to be how to
keep copies of these schema in sync between various
projects: Forrest, Cocoon, Centipede, etc.

> > Now for the layout of the docs: is there somone currently
> > working on it?
> Not here.

Nor here. I am working on getting this framework stuff sorted
out first. Yes, layout of Forrest's own xdocs is needed soon.

-- David

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