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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: rationalise storage of DTDs and other entities
Date Sat, 02 Mar 2002 06:35:53 GMT
I have now centralised the location of all the external entities,
as we discussed. They have been amalgamated at

(Strange? ... have not seen the commit emails arrive yet.)

Ken, some of these changes may be relevant for Centipede.

I have also removed the xdocs/dtd/*
So now we are reliant on the entity resolver to find all
external entities. It works for me on Linux. How goes it
for others? ... do build docs.

I have left the old directory src/resources/schemas/
in place for a little while because i am wondering if
anyone had any outstanding commits for the v1.1 DTDs.

-- David

David Crossley wrote:
> One of the issues that Steven touched in another
> thread is where to store the DTDs and other entities
> so that they are readily available to all XML instance
> documents. We also want to only maintain one copy
> of these entities.

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