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From "Steven Noels" <>
Subject [HEADS UP] adding centipede to forrest - part 2
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2002 15:28:33 GMT
duh - stupied keyboard :-|

> Folks,
> I've imported the centipede directory structure inside my
> local forrest copy and am ready to commit unless told otherwise.
> Nothing really fancy, I just modified some of the xdocs and
> stylesheets so that we now have a working 'docs' target. Bare
> in mind that I didn't found time to bring Centipede DTD's up
> to speed with our DTD's, neither do I have the intention to
> do so: Centipede's DTD's are 'hidden' inside

\src\documentation\xdocs\dtd, but I believe the official forrest DTD's
should be put where they are now, i.e. \schemas or the like.

Anyway, at least this should give us the possibility to add, correct &
modify instead of  waiting for each other ;-)

Issues which should be tackled after this import:

- decide where we are going to put the DTD's and adapt all XML
- bring Centipede libs up to speed with the Cocoon CVS libs
- add some forrest-specific targets (does anyone know yet what we are
going to build ;-)

I took the liberty to draft a logo, too, it's in

I attached my directory layout so that you have an idea how CVS will
look like after committing.



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