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From "Steven Noels" <>
Subject analysis paralysis :-)
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2002 16:10:40 GMT
lacking some bandwidth these days :-(

OK. We have a running new release of centipede, which we should use as a
basis for a better cvs/deployment structure

but then we have the issue of static vs dynamic, and the .cwa (cocoon
web archive) [RT] of Stefano, i.e.: what is the deployment target for

where do we go from here?

1) 'force' the entire apache community into maintaining xml docs for
their project website: should be no problem

2) force to run tomcat/cocoon: seems to be a
problem, in terms of:
   - need: for static content, this is overkill
   - platform: not sure whether machines are up to spec for this
   - people: are we ready (teamwise) to support a high-visibility

3) incremental development:

are we absolutely positively in need of a dynamic website with browser
negotiation from the beginning? in need of user comments/write-ins and
other dynamic features?

or should we start incrementally and start out with the visible part,
i.e. 'portal look & feel' and aggregation from different information
sources - staying static for as long as possible?

given the state of the current wildlife park, I tend to
say we should start slowly and try to gather people around the same
website structure and look&feel, and withhold all dynamic features until
we have a new based on forrest cocoon generation

and we should decide so upfront because it is difficult to start working

let me know you your ideas!


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