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From "Steven Noels" <>
Subject RE: Document DTD vs. Docbook DTD
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2002 17:34:47 GMT
Stefano wrote:

> This is a holy war and I don't want to fight it.

It is, indeed. Docbook tries to be everything to anyone, and as such is
a very complex authoring DTD to fully support, if only for relatively
short webpages. Plus I like having meaningful elements when authoring
specific documents, hence project-info.xml and the like. But maybe that
is because I am using a 'real' DTD-configured XML editor for such
tasks - perhaps text-editor-users are more than happy with a template

> Just one thing: there is a lot of content already written in
> docbook in
> the world and a lot of content written using Document DTD (various
> versions, but almost equivalent), so we should support both
> in order to
> avoid loosing some content.
> But how should we do that?

I'm not convinced we should transform 'across Docbook' other than for
showing off Cocoon's pipeline power. We could however support Docbook
for specific content types such as (user/reference) manuals and more
lenghty documents.

Having some logical-page-after-aggregation-document-type is much more
important, I guess, as in

Being a standards advocate, Docbook is one of the exceptions to my rule
that one should adopt standards as much as possible.

Commenting in our 'own' DTD's: why is the title of a section hidden
inside an attribute?


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