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From "Steven Noels" <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] Re: cvs commits
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2002 22:18:52 GMT
Applied your patches, thanks.

Nicola wrote:

> Minor changes :
> - The interactive and project xtargets should be removed from
> tools/targets
> (as declared in build.xml), so that the tools dir remains
> "clean" for easy
> updates. In fact these targets are meant to be customized per
> project basis;
> if we need to modify something in ./tools, it's clear that a patch to
> Centipede is needed (SOC ;-).

I did so.

> - In attatchment  there is patch for the project.xml to
> include information
> from other files that could, in this way, get axed. It can be used to
> automatically generated a README file in distribution among
> other things. It
> basically replaces the Jakarta STATUS file and serves as a central
> repository for all basic project info.

good idea, we should at least keep a README explaining non-XML
enthusiasts how they can build etc

> Will need a DTD will be needed for project-info.xml; haven't
> supplied one
> because we need to agree on it first. See what you think of
> the structure
> after applying supplied patch.

seems like a nice round-up, we should go with that

anyone strong feelings whether we keep all this info in one document?

> BTW, ATM attributes and elements are interchangeable and
> resolved as equal
> Ant properties:
> <tag><hello>world</hello></tag>
> <tag hello="world"/>
> both give Ant:
> xml.tag.hello=world

I don't understand, can you explain?

> What we should do now IMHO is work in the documentation dir
> and make the
> docs build use Forrest DTDs and styles.
> Unfortunately I don't have time today to look at that today because my
> girlfriend is having the discussion of her thesis :-) .

thumbs up - did it all went well?

> > Thanks to Nicola for providing us with Centipede!
> Thank you for giving me this opportunity of making Centipede
> and Forrest
> grow. :-)
> And, of course, thank you to Stefano for making all this happen :-)
> Oh, and to make it clear, Centipede will use Forrest to make the docs.
> We are basically using each other :-)

cross-pollination or inbreeding? ;-)


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