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From "Steven Noels" <>
Subject RE: Graph data
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2002 13:41:04 GMT
Sam Ruby wrote:

> As I said, I can produce a single perl script run as a cron job producing
> any of the intermediate or even the final results of the process you
> described.  But I very much understand the sentiment described below

cool :-)

> > And personally, I prefer XSLT when feasible, especially when we
> plan to run from
> > inside Cocoon, where doing a transformation more or less isn't exactly a
> > problem, and everybody is able to tweak the stylesheet/pipeline (I
> for myself
> > wouldn't like to mess around with Perl).
> Since you seem to have a handle on this, what's the next set of raw data to
> focus on?

Well, I'd like John to stay put for the final xml2svg step anyhow... we should
define an intermediate report format so that we can graph all kinds of data - as
David already has been pointing out.

as far as Perl scripting is concerned: number of mailing list _subscribers_, and
extracting the number of committers from /etc/group?
perhaps we shouldn't be doing graphs for these (I'd do only graphs for the
spectacularly moving data sets ;-)

though we could have graphs for the number of mailing list _messages_ - there's
some sensible variations in that... for these, I'd like to start out with CVS



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