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From "Steven Noels" <>
Subject RE: Graph data
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2002 14:16:37 GMT
David Crossley wrote:

> One thing that i am still confused about is why the
> final structure has <datum> elements as children of a
> <datum> element. Surely that would confuse the next
> stylesheet.
> <graph>
>  <data group="Downloads">
>   <datum total="3441" week="2001-43">
>    <datum value="90" dir="axis" />
> ...
>    <datum value="64" dir="xerces-p" />
>   </datum>
> That is one reason that i asked if you had DTD yet,
> actually an internal subset will suffice. I think that defining
> the structure helps to visualise both the process and the
> requirements. Here is a start (but it does not make sense to me).

Yep, that's why I asked Sam to change 'datum' into 'entry'... in the daily
logfiles, too. My piece of the chain preparing the final format for John's
stylesheet is already changed to reflect this remark. Consider it done, the
current element name is 'entry' (in my local copy - awaiting for Centipede to

My current output format is:

  <data group="Downloads">
    <week total="3441" date="2001-43">
      <entry downloads="90" project="axis"/>
      <entry downloads="91" project="batik"/>
      <entry downloads="39" project="cocoon"/>
      <entry downloads="46" project="cocoon2"/>
      <entry downloads="145" project="crimson"/>
      <entry downloads="313" project="fop"/>
      <entry downloads="411" project="soap"/>
      <entry downloads="28" project="xalan-c"/>
      <entry downloads="283" project="xalan-j"/>
      <entry downloads="7" project="xang"/>
      <entry downloads="449" project="xerces-c"/>
      <entry downloads="1475" project="xerces-j"/>
      <entry downloads="64" project="xerces-p"/>

John, is that allright for you?

Of course changing these names is a no-brainer, so just let me know.


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