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From "Steven Noels" <>
Subject RE: [Proposal] initial build system for Forrest (Was: Simple example to start from)
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2002 10:12:13 GMT
David Crossley wrote:

> of your kit, to gain a kick-start. However, if the development (of
> moves to Forrest then i am concerned that the scope of
> Forrest will be far broader than that of Centipede. If so,
> then the world would lose the excellent starter kit that
> you provide.
> So i wonder if it is better that the two projects be kept as
> separate. Forrest can benefit from and acknowledge the
> kick-start. Lessons that are learned from the implementation
> can then be fed back into Centipede.


Consider it as establishing the same infectuous relationship as

Besides that (while lacking some bandwidth today to do it myself), how
about putting up a requirements/use cases document for Forrest itself,
as an intro for new people on the project (since Stefano is putting up a
big marketing/teaser campaign inviting people to join in on several
other Apache mailing lists). Would be a good test for our DTD's, too,
and a starter for a Forrest project website.

I'll be happy to do the XML encoding somewhere during this week, just
reply with your bullet points ;-)

As a starter:

Forrest outline:

* What is Forrest
  - Scope & features
  - Who we are
  - How can you help
* Forrest overview
  - Project site publication
    - Document types
    - Views / site sections
  - ... ?

etc etc...

I'm quite curious about the 'meta-reqs' as Stefano posted them on the
Xindice list:

This dynamicity will allow us to write stuff like:

 1) graphs of logs (downloads, cvs commits, mail list messages, mail
list subscribers)
 2) weblogs
 3) project-related calendars
 4) user-extensible in-place documents (as does)


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