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From "Sam Ruby" <>
Subject RE: Graph data
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2002 13:29:45 GMT
Steven Noels wrote:
> So yes, there's plenty of steps just to regroup the daily logs into
> ones... :-|

As I said, I can produce a single perl script run as a cron job producing
any of the intermediate or even the final results of the process you
described.  But I very much understand the sentiment described below

> And personally, I prefer XSLT when feasible, especially when we plan to run from
> inside Cocoon, where doing a transformation more or less isn't exactly a
> problem, and everybody is able to tweak the stylesheet/pipeline (I for myself
> wouldn't like to mess around with Perl).

Since you seem to have a handle on this, what's the next set of raw data to
focus on?

- Sam Ruby

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