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From "John Morrison" <>
Subject RE: CVS infrastructure
Date Fri, 22 Feb 2002 13:10:04 GMT
> From: Steven Noels []
> John Morrison wrote:
> > Current Status?  Is there anything about ready for checking in?
> We're waiting for Nicola to come up with a 'go' on importing
> Centipede, I've
> checked
> entipede/ but
> it seems he is still working on it.
> I'd prefer to hold back until Nicola is happy with his interim-release of
> Centipede, so that we can start from a more or less stable version.

I'm OK with this.  The more stable it is to start with the fewer updates
it will need :)

> In terms of a todo list, we should be starting with an overview
> of what we are
> going to release and how we will arrive there.
> About the what:
>   - the Stefano [RT] thread
>   - an overview of the site in terms of
>     - deciding on URL-namespace design

We could have 'test' or 'temp' as prefixes for development and decide
on the actual ones later...

>     - static/dynamic content

I think this depends upon speed of creation for dynamic content.

>     - overview of the different visual pages, to see what HTML
> mockups we are still missing
>     - listing the views and the information they are composed of,
> in order to
>     start thinking about pipelines and to see where we can find everything
>     (project metrics)
>     - a general todo list so that nothing is overlooked

I think this is a good start :)

>   - personal pet peeve: will Forrest be generic, i.e. applicable
> to other sites than

I think it *could* be - but not without tinkering.  I see this more as
a kit from which people can put together similar sites, with
being the working demo ;)

> About the how:
>   - do we need a project page to attract other developers

Yes - eventually.  I think until things have been decided with the people
currently watching this list we don't need to advertise.

>     - should be pretty easy to set-up using Centipede
>   - we should decide on packaging:
>     - a full set-up of Tomcat/Cocoon/Forrest, ready to deploy on
> the server, or

Would like to do this - without keeping TC + Cocoon in cvs.

>     - just the Cocoon webapp + Forrest, or

as above... (war)

>     - Forrest 'core' itself: C2 sub-sitemap + related materials
> (stylesheets
>     et al.)

I think this is best - keep the cvs repository small.

>   - what the different project teams need to do to get their
> project listed

A location in their cvs which forrest can access? (really should finish
reading before I speak :)

>     - they should all be placing xml documents on a central
> location, or have a
>     directory in their cvs module that we can retrieve where
> project-related
>     site docs are stored
>     - everybody needs access to forrest cvs to update his project webpages
>     (not really what we want, I guess)
> Once we know the basics of what & how, we can decide upon a CVS directory
> structure (other than Centipede's if necessary).
> I have some thoughts on the graphs, too, but I'm out to lunch first ;-)

Great!  Let me know :)


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