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From "Morrison, John" <>
Subject RE: Graph data
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2002 12:23:48 GMT
> From: David Crossley []
> I was trying to follow what you guys have been up to
> with this Graph stuff. but have found myself getting a
> little lost.

Yeah - it's rather convoluted.

> It seems like an awfully complicated process
> just to do some data manipulation. Especially when
> we are in control of both ends of the process and
> everything in-between.

We are in control of both ends, unfortunately the log
statistics are not in an XML format and the perl
scripts that Sam's written (see an earlier post from
Sam) output one file per day.

> Do you have a simple DTD for what you are trying to
> achieve with the data grouping? That would certainly
> help me to conceive it.

Sorry - no DTD atm.  If you want to create one, it
currently looks like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> 
 <data group="Downloads">
  <datum total="3441" week="2001-43">
   <datum value="90" dir="axis" /> 
   <datum value="91" dir="batik" /> 
   <datum value="39" dir="cocoon" /> 
   <datum value="46" dir="cocoon2" /> 
   <datum value="145" dir="crimson" /> 
   <datum value="313" dir="fop" /> 
   <datum value="411" dir="soap" /> 
   <datum value="28" dir="xalan-c" /> 
   <datum value="283" dir="xalan-j" /> 
   <datum value="7" dir="xang" /> 
   <datum value="449" dir="xerces-c" /> 
   <datum value="1475" dir="xerces-j" /> 
   <datum value="64" dir="xerces-p" /> 
  <datum total="11432" week="2001-44">
   <datum value="148" dir="axis" /> 
   <datum value="90" dir="batik" /> 
   <datum value="70" dir="cocoon" /> 
   <datum value="255" dir="cocoon2" /> 
   <datum value="480" dir="crimson" /> 
   <datum value="1241" dir="fop" /> 
   <datum value="1713" dir="soap" /> 
   <datum value="76" dir="xalan-c" /> 
   <datum value="465" dir="xalan-j" /> 
   <datum value="24" dir="xang" /> 
   <datum value="1345" dir="xerces-c" /> 
   <datum value="5396" dir="xerces-j" /> 
   <datum value="129" dir="xerces-p" /> 
  <event week="2001-43" date="29 Aug 2001" comment="2.1"/>
  <event week="2001-44" date="10 Oct 2001" comment="2.2"/>

> Also, where are you getting your data from? I see
> some at

These are some sample ones for us to play with that
Sam generated.

> Am i missing something?

Nope - it's just non trivial :)


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