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From "Morrison, John" <>
Subject RE: cvs commit: xml-forrest/charts graph.xsl sampledata.xml
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2002 11:11:26 GMT
> From: Sam Ruby []
> John Morrison wrote:
> >
> >>    <data group="Downloads" date="12 Feb 2002">
> >
> > could we have the date as:
> >
> >    <data group="Downloads" year="2002" week="06" month="02" 
> day="2" date="12">
> I understand everything but day and date.  Everything else is
> straightforward.

Sorry, day  = dayOfWeek
       date = dayOfMonth

They might be clearer.  (Question: can you do xsl:key on two
or more attributes?)

Just trying to cover all the bases for accumulating the data.

> > and another file with special 'events' in it?
> Works for me.  I doubt I will automatically be able to 
> generate it, though.
> ;-)

:) I have my doubt's that even _you_ could do it automatically...
waiting to be proved wrong ;)

> > Could do with accumulating the data to be on a weekly basis or we
> > could display *far* more detailed information...  If we do the accum
> > on the fly that would be *very* slow (relatively speaking :)
> As this content doesn't change much, it is suitable for caching.

An old saying - don't optimise until it works :)  ie, I don't care
how long (within reason :) it takes first time.

> Alternately, the data reduction could be done periodically or 
> perhaps even
> statically rendered.

Definitely possibilities.


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