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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: CVS infrastructure
Date Fri, 22 Feb 2002 17:49:51 GMT
Gosh, I created a monster of activity :)

Welcome aboard Steven :)

Steven Noels wrote:
> John Morrison wrote:
> >
> > Current Status?  Is there anything about ready for checking in?
> >
> We're waiting for Nicola to come up with a 'go' on importing Centipede, I've
> checked
> but
> it seems he is still working on it.
> I'd prefer to hold back until Nicola is happy with his interim-release of
> Centipede, so that we can start from a more or less stable version.

Since I haven't had the time to take a look at centipede (and I'm
currently offline), I'm +0 on this, I trust you guys.
> In terms of a todo list, we should be starting with an overview of what we are
> going to release and how we will arrive there.
> About the what:
>   - the Stefano [RT] thread
>   - an overview of the site in terms of
>     - deciding on URL-namespace design

This is *very* important. There a number of significant issues that we
must talk aobut.

>     - static/dynamic content

This is no brainer: with the planned features, static content is simply
impossible (how do you implement static content and let the people add
comments to the pages?)

FYI, Covalent was kind enough to donate a machine (Sun) to Sam for GUMP
runs. Sam gave me access to that machine (, we planned
to use that machine to make forrest and gump come alive together.

Sam is root on that machine, so it's Dirk and nothing critical runs on

>     - overview of the different visual pages, to see what HTML mockups we are
> still missing

I'm going to do that soon.

>     - listing the views and the information they are composed of, in order to
>     start thinking about pipelines and to see where we can find everything
>     (project metrics)


>     - a general todo list so that nothing is overlooked

I'll do that now.
>   - personal pet peeve: will Forrest be generic, i.e. applicable to other sites
> than

I have the impression that, if yes, you'll work with more interest on it
and so would many others, so *yes* :)
> About the how:
>   - do we need a project page to attract other developers
>     - should be pretty easy to set-up using Centipede

not yet, building a community is already hard enough... oversaturation
of vaporware could kill the effort.

we should try to run on (Sam, could we
have that also assigned to should we contact Dirk
for changing their DNS?)
>   - we should decide on packaging:
>     - a full set-up of Tomcat/Cocoon/Forrest, ready to deploy on the server,
>     or
>     - just the Cocoon webapp + Forrest, or
>     - Forrest 'core' itself: C2 sub-sitemap + related materials (stylesheets
>     et al.)

The ideal solution would be to have Forrest as a Cocoon Web Application
and package that so that we can hot-deploy it on top of Cocoon, but that
functionality is not present (even if I plan to add it ASAP).

So, I think solution 2 is best (Cocoon + forrest integreated), a
complete WAR file ready to be deployed.
>   - what the different project teams need to do to get their project listed
>     - they should all be placing xml documents on a central location, or have a
>     directory in their cvs module that we can retrieve where project-related
>     site docs are stored
>     - everybody needs access to forrest cvs to update his project webpages
>     (not really what we want, I guess)

This is a big issue.
> Once we know the basics of what & how, we can decide upon a CVS directory
> structure (other than Centipede's if necessary).
> I have some thoughts on the graphs, too, but I'm out to lunch first ;-)
> </Steven>

Hey, how about electing StevX-Mozilla-Status: 0009tor?

Steven, would you take the job?

Stefano Mazzocchi      One must still have chaos in oneself to be
                          able to give birth to a dancing star.
<>                             Friedrich Nietzsche

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