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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: cvs commits
Date Fri, 01 Mar 2002 06:58:11 GMT
Steven Noels wrote:
> Oh well...
> Dunnow if people will be happy or mad at me, due to the number of commit
> messages being thrown at their mailbox. After this gazillion of commits,

Rather, we are joyous ... let the commits flow on.
Congratulations, well-done everyone. This is an excellent
start to Forrest. I went away for a few days holiday, and
now look what happens ... i have lots of catch-up to do :-)

> I also moved schemas, layout and charts to ./src/resources as Nicola
> suggested, to keep our structure as close to centipede as possible. I
> did so directly on the server, which supposedly means we should all do a
> fresh checkout.

I just did a fresh checkout on a new machine
Linux RedHat 7.2 ... no problems.

Actually, there was one little problem. The
is not exectubale and needed the permissions changed.
I cannot remember how Cocoon solved that in their CVS.

Anyway, "build docs" shows me the first page - great.

> In any case (and apologies, I'm new to this): I did that fresh checkout
> and apparently all went well. We can 'build docs' with some results. And
> we have a nice directory structure to start working from now.
> Tomorrow morning, I'm off to a customer, but I'll check email during
> lunch to see how many people are really pissed off with me ;-)
> Thanks to Nicola for providing us with Centipede!
> </Steven>

Yes. And thanks also to you Steven. Good work.
-- David

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