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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Simple example to start from
Date Sat, 09 Feb 2002 08:52:24 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> Hi to everyone.  :-)  I'm very happy to see this project start, I can't
> wait to use it!
> Anyway, here are my 2 cents.
> Since I use Ant build files in my project and need to create
> documentation, I generally rip the project structure from previous
> projects. This creates old useless builds and unused targets.
> Not knowing that Forrest had the making of a standard build as one of
> its goals, I added a sub-project on sourceforge, called centipede
> ( An example of the build being used is in the
> jakarta-poi module on Sourceforge (POI Project). They are using it
> without the split build in jakarta-poi on Jakarta also. They helped me a
> lot in understanding the requirements.
> It's just a cleanup with minor modifications of the structure used by
> Cocoon and the stylesheets from Avalon (thanks guys!). I cleaned the
> build of cocoon-only targets, added a contrib section, a cleandocs
> target, added interactive functionality and notifications of pending
> patches in bugzilla to the list, and split the target in many files
> referenced as XML entities. Some of these have been included in Cocoon
> as a test, but I shifted the discussion on how to continue here, since
> on the Cocoon list IMHO it's slightly OT. I've also been working to
> reduce the time it takes for Cocoon to generate the docs, and it seems
> that it's the crawling that slows it down.
> Now that I've read the Forrest goals, I'm excited of the possible
> outcomes of this new Apache project, and would like to continue
> development here, closing centipede.

As far as i can tell, your stuff would provide a good kick-start
to the Forrest build system. I have looked at your Bugzilla
contribution (Cocoon:6047), read your postings to cocoon-dev,
and i have done a brief investigation of your Krysalis Centipede.

I am certainly no Ant expert, but i like the simplicity and modularity
that you have implemented. Especially good to see, is the way
that you have utilised the power of XML to get the parser to
include the *.xpart as external entities.

> I would like to integrate also automatic jar downloading and simple
> build system upgrades, along with a single file to describe the whole
> project (a modern STATUS file) and chart-report making.

Good vision. However, the initial build system needs to be
in place first. So please slow down a little :-)


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