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From David Crossley <>
Subject [Patch] tweaks to DTDs and XML
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2002 08:36:08 GMT
Hi Stefano, my usual thing when i start out on an XML
project is to validate one of the existing XML documents
to be sure that the infrastructure is set up properly.
There are some issues with Forrest, but i have sorted
most of them out and attach a collection of patches
forrest-patch.tar.gz ...

1) changes.xml.patch
- you were using a parameter entity to include the
file developers.xml ... evidently parameter entities are
only used in the DTD, need general entity in content.

2) modified schemas/catalog
- Fixed typo ... IOSdia.pen => ISOdia.pen

3) schemas/catalog.xcat
This is a new file which is an OASIS XML Catalog
It has the same content as the OASIS TR 9401 Catalog
Some parsers use the new catalog.

4) various-dtds.patch
- Fixed declaration of external entities for various DTDs
- Were missing the mandatory system identifier.

5) document-v11.dtd.patch
- Fixed declaration of external entities for ISO character entity sets.
- Were missing the mandatory system identifier.
- Note that the ISO*.pen give incorrect example invocation,
except ISOtech.pen which has the correct way.
- Changed the parameter entity names to that recommended
inside the entity sets, e.g. %dia; => %ISOdia; ... not sure why this
was needed, but the parser was giving some stange errors.
- Fixed incorrect syntax for link.att ... missing apostrophe.

There are a couple of other things that i do not have
time to address. Here is what my xml parser says ...
/usr/local/cvs/xml-forrest/schemas/DTD/document-v11.dtd [352:19] : Error: duplicate declaration
for element 'note'
/usr/local/cvs/xml-forrest/schemas/DTD/document-v11.dtd [486:34] : Fatal error:
content model not correctly delimited
reading entity developers: developers.xml
/usr/local/cvs/xml-forrest/changes.xml [18:11] : Error: an IDREF attribute refers to the ID
'SF' which is not present in the document

--David Crossley

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