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From "Nicola Ken Barozzi" <>
Subject [PATCH] Re: cvs commits
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2002 09:27:21 GMT
From: "Steven Noels" <>

> Oh well...
> Dunnow if people will be happy or mad at me, due to the number of commit
> messages being thrown at their mailbox. After this gazillion of commits,
> I also moved schemas, layout and charts to ./src/resources as Nicola
> suggested, to keep our structure as close to centipede as possible. I
> did so directly on the server, which supposedly means we should all do a
> fresh checkout.

done, works :-)

I like the logo, BTW :-)

> In any case (and apologies, I'm new to this): I did that fresh checkout
> and apparently all went well. We can 'build docs' with some results. And
> we have a nice directory structure to start working from now.


> Tomorrow morning, I'm off to a customer, but I'll check email during
> lunch to see how many people are really pissed off with me ;-)

Naa ;-P

Minor changes :
- The interactive and project xtargets should be removed from tools/targets
(as declared in build.xml), so that the tools dir remains "clean" for easy
updates. In fact these targets are meant to be customized per project basis;
if we need to modify something in ./tools, it's clear that a patch to
Centipede is needed (SOC ;-).
- In attatchment  there is patch for the project.xml to include information
from other files that could, in this way, get axed. It can be used to
automatically generated a README file in distribution among other things. It
basically replaces the Jakarta STATUS file and serves as a central
repository for all basic project info.

Will need a DTD will be needed for project-info.xml; haven't supplied one
because we need to agree on it first. See what you think of the structure
after applying supplied patch.

BTW, ATM attributes and elements are interchangeable and resolved as equal
Ant properties:

<tag hello="world"/>

both give Ant:


What we should do now IMHO is work in the documentation dir and make the
docs build use Forrest DTDs and styles.
Unfortunately I don't have time today to look at that today because my
girlfriend is having the discussion of her thesis :-) .

> Thanks to Nicola for providing us with Centipede!

Thank you for giving me this opportunity of making Centipede and Forrest
grow. :-)
And, of course, thank you to Stefano for making all this happen :-)

Oh, and to make it clear, Centipede will use Forrest to make the docs.
We are basically using each other :-)

Nicola Ken Barozzi       
            - verba volant, scripta manent -
   (discussions get forgotten, just code remains)

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