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From "Nicola Ken Barozzi" <>
Subject Re: CVS infrastructure
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2002 13:22:18 GMT
Sorry for the previous mail, hit the wrong button.
Here is the correct one :-)

From: "David Crossley" <>

> Morrison, John wrote:
> > If you (David) and Steven think this is the way to go, I'm
> > happy to use the framework.
> OK, i will get Centipede into my local xml-forrest working
> copy and see how it all goes.

Wow, awesome! Anyway, maybe it could be better to see my latest changes.  I
am changing the structure a bit to make it possible to drop in Ant and
Cocoon without touching anything else. I'll check it in today and do a
release rignt after, so you could use that.

> Anyway, the idea of Centipede is that we use it as a
> kick-start and then modify the structure to suit our needs.


> I gather that it is not something that we try to maintain.
> Though it may be useful to remain in sync with some bits.


> We can always retract portions if they are not needed
> or we want to do it differently.

If you need to retract things, it means I sould make them pluggable, so this
would be of great help. If you want to do it differently, Centipede can

> Steven Noels wrote:
> >
> > +1 and happy to jump in afterwards.
> >
> > Perhaps it is wise to check with Nicola whether he has any urgent
> in the chain before importing Centipede into Forrest.

Yup, see above.

> > As per his suggestion to simply move Centipede development to Forrest,
> +0 -
> > there is technical overlap but slightly different goals.

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