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From "Nicola Ken Barozzi" <>
Subject Re: Document DTD vs. Docbook DTD
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2002 17:10:20 GMT
From: "Stefano Mazzocchi" <>

> This is a holy war and I don't want to fight it.
> Just one thing: there is a lot of content already written in docbook in
> the world and a lot of content written using Document DTD (various
> versions, but almost equivalent), so we should support both in order to
> avoid loosing some content.
> But how should we do that?

Centipede currently uses a modified version of the stylesheets of Avalon.
If you look at the sitemap, every document is transformed in Docbook, then
in Html.

I think that this makes sense, because Docbook is much more expressive and
there are already made stylesheets to convert Docbook to other formats.
If we do this, the Document DTD is basically becomes a simplified version
for writing content.

Transforming a simple format to a complex one is easy.
The other way round, you loose information.

Nicola Ken Barozzi       
            - verba volant, scripta manent -
   (discussions get forgotten, just code remains)

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