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From Christopher <ctubb...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Run Accumulo and Hadoop services under systemd
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2019 07:10:55 GMT
Hi Aishwarya,

I'm interested in the details. Are these just for Muchos, or is the
intent to propose changes to Accumulo's scripts as well? I assume the
former, since you're asking in the Fluo mailing list, but if it's also
the latter, I may have more follow-up questions or suggestions wearing
an Accumulo PMC hat instead of a Fluo PMC hat.

On Thu, Dec 12, 2019 at 2:52 PM Aishwarya Thangappa
<Aishwarya.Thangappa@microsoft.com.invalid> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> While using fluo-muchos to deploy an Accumulo cluster, we recognized the need for various
Accumulo and Hadoop services to be run under a service manager like systemd which will ensure
that all these services are brought up correctly in the event of VM / OS reboots / cold starts.
We have made the required changes for this and would like to contribute it back to the community
if there is any interest around it.
> Summarizing what we have done:
>   *   Crafted separate systemd unit files for Accumulo (master, monitor, gc, traser,
tserver), Hadoop (journalnode, namenode, datanode, resourcemanager, nodemanager, zkfc) and
Zookeeper services.
>   *   All of these unit files will be copied to the respective nodes' /etc/systemd/system
directory; the services will then be started and enabled by ansible systemd module.
>   *   In case of num_tservers > 1, multiple tserver systemd units will be copied to
the node and each will be independently managed.
>   *   Also made necessary changes to the existing cluster-wide scripts including accumulo_cluster,
accumulo_service, start_dfs, start_yarn etc., to have them work seamlessly with sytemd.
> Is there an appetite to look at the details? If so, we can post a PR or if there are
any feedbacks and other considerations, please let us know and we can discuss them.
> Thanks,
> Aishwarya

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