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From Dylan Hutchison <dhutc...@cs.washington.edu>
Subject Re: [VOTE][LAZY] Accept "examples", "uno", and "muchos" code bases from Astralway
Date Mon, 16 Apr 2018 22:26:00 GMT
As a previous user/committer to uno/muchos, I vote +1. These are useful
repositories. Their inclusion in Fluo will cement their publicity,
maintenance, and extension.

On Apr 16, 2018 6:07 PM, "Christopher" <ctubbsii@apache.org> wrote:

Fluo developers,

It is the desire of the primary administrators of the astralway project on
GitHub (myself, Keith Turner, and Mike Walch, who are also PMC members for
Fluo), which currently hosts these projects, to donate three code
repositories to the Apache Fluo project. Please vote on whether to accept
these contributions. Note: this is a lazy vote, so if there are no
objections, the vote is considered passed once the voting period has ended.

# Source code

https://github.com/astralway/uno (last
commit: 8fbe10a9cd9e12f5eca67ee09cfad62aef141eb5)
https://github.com/astralway/muchos (last
commit: 65be99caa4968fec1219f36b599533b40f4755e5)
https://github.com/astralway/examples (last
commit: 4bd6a004c8dc37e2996314fd8b0de554562c5d38)
(Note: examples was formerly 3 separate repos: phrasecount, webindex, and

# Licenses

All projects are Apache Licensed, Version 2, and all contributions to them
were submitted under conditions of that license.

# Description of projects

Uno and Muchos are developer tools for quickly getting started with an
Accumulo/Fluo software stack for testing/development. As their names
suggest, Uno operates on a single machine, whereas Muchos is intended to
run a cluster of many machines.

The "examples" project was originally 3 separate examples: phrasecount,
webindex, and stresso, which demonstrate various uses of Fluo. Running them
as example applications also provides a useful way to test Fluo releases.

# Reason for contributing to Apache Fluo

To facilitate Fluo development by donating useful developer tooling, and
example code for testing and documentation. This code is currently
maintained by members of the Apache Fluo project, as a separate project on
GitHub (where Fluo originated), and we think it makes more sense to
maintain it under the purview of the Fluo PMC, so that it can be more
easily maintained by the Fluo community and can be more easily referenced
in Fluo documentation.

# Previous contributors to these projects

Their full contributors list include ASF committers with ICLAs filed
(sorted by Apache ID):
  ctubbsii - Christopher Tubbs
  dhutchis - Dylan Hutchison
  drew - Drew Farris
  ecn - Eric Newton
  elserj - Josh Elser
  kennethmcfarland - Kenneth McFarland
  kturner - Keith Turner
  jmark99 - Mark Owens
  mmiller - Mike Miller
  mwalch - Mike Walch

# Vote duration

This vote will be held open until at least Thu Apr 19 22:30:00 UTC 2018
(Thu Apr 19 18:30:00 EDT 2018 / Thu Apr 19 15:30:00 PDT 2018)

# Follow-up actions

In parallel with this vote, I will initiate any necessary IP CLEARANCE
Upon successful vote and IP CLEARANCE steps, I will request ASF INFRA to
transfer these repos to ASF Gitbox/GitHub dual-hosted mirroring, renamed
with the `fluo-` naming convention, and configured for the Apache Fluo PMC.

# My vote

My vote is +1.


Christopher Tubbs

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