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From Josh Elser <josh.el...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Trademark discussions and plan
Date Fri, 26 Aug 2016 14:34:52 GMT
Thanks for the reply, Shane! I know you're busy; your opinions are 
always appreciated.

Keith -- when you get back online, want to revisit transferring fluo.io? 
I know you had mentioned that it was up for renewal "soon", maybe it 
already expired?

Shane Curcuru wrote:
> Apologies for the late reply; I'm not on the list.  I do have a few
> general suggestions/pointers about Apache policy.  It's great to see the
> frank and productive thread discussing how the PPMC wants to address the
> branding and "what code goes where" issues here; that's a healthy sign.
> - In general, trademarks only really work when one organization is using
> the name for their specific software product(s).  Thus, it's not
> appropriate for some other group of people to be working on and
> promoting some "Fluo-Foobar" software elsewhere, if the podling is
> hoping to become Apache Fluo the top level project.
> That's because users won't clearly understand the difference between
> *who* is providing Fluo-Foobar versus providing Apache Fluo.  Trademark
> law is specifically meant to ensure that when users learn about a name,
> they know who is providing a product.  It prevents you from someone
> serving a Pepsi to you when you ask for Coke, for example.
> Branding issues are not something that have to be solved immediately
> during the early incubation phase; it takes time to both have the
> community decide what you want to do, as well as do the work to update
> names.  I see from this thread and on the Incubator list the PPMC is
> discussing this and moving in the right direction, which is great, so
> I'm not concerned here.
> Long term, Apache TLP projects are expected to meet some minimum website
> display standards, and to act in an independent manner.  That's why we
> have  the incubation process - so there's ample time for the community
> to move your work to the Apache Way.  The policies are here:
>    http://www.apache.org/foundation/marks/pmcs
>    http://www.apache.org/foundation/marks/responsibility
> - Personally I would recommend keeping the fluo.io domain, transferring
> it to the ASF, and asking infra to renew it for another year.  Long term
> it will need to be a simple redirect to the proper fluo.apache.org
> website, but if you have lots of pre-existing links, it's fine to keep
> the name so they still work (but redirect to fluo.a.o).
> - In terms of what software goes where, that's up for the individuals
> maintaining these different bits to decide (and decide if they want to
> donate to the podling, or keep building them externally as separate
> software products).  The key point is ensuring that the project only
> checks in code under an allowable permissive license, and that the
> project is planning on using it for releases (or testing, docs, whatever).
> Thanks,
> - Shane

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