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From Josh Elser <josh.el...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Trademark discussions and plan
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2016 22:22:44 GMT

Keith Turner wrote:
>>> 5. Open a discussion ontrademarks@apache.org  to determine whether the
>>> >>  GitHub organization "fluo-io" should be renamed, and what would be
>>> >>  acceptable name for a GitHub organization containing fluo-related 3rd
>>> >>  party
>>> >>  projects. Also determine whether it is acceptable to use the trademark
>>> >>  fluo-related extensions repository names (eg. "fluo-stress" and
>>> >>  "fluo-quickstart").
>> >
>> >
>> >  My feeling is that with proper distinction that "fluo-io" is not affiliated
>> >  with "Apache Fluo (incubating)" and the ASF but are related software
>> >  projects would be fine. Admittedly, I'm not sure the reasoning behind
>> >  wanting to keep them separate (was there a reason these were not included in
>> >  the original donation?) and bringing them under the ASF umbrella would make
>> >  sense to me.
> Some of the reasons we didn't contribute these projects are the following.
>   * Uncertain about future of these projects.
>   * No plans to release any of them
>   * Zetten uses Ansible which is GPL
> Maybe for the examples we could create a new fluo-examples repo in Apache land?

Ah, ok, Zetten might be difficult (at least take concern). However, 
you're not bundling Ansible, right? I'm not sure if this is a gray area 
if you're just creating scripts that use Ansible (which is GPL). I'm not 
100% if this is within the ability to do.

Do you know, Billie?

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