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From Shane Curcuru <...@shanecurcuru.org>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Trademark discussions and plan
Date Thu, 25 Aug 2016 20:44:41 GMT
Apologies for the late reply; I'm not on the list.  I do have a few
general suggestions/pointers about Apache policy.  It's great to see the
frank and productive thread discussing how the PPMC wants to address the
branding and "what code goes where" issues here; that's a healthy sign.

- In general, trademarks only really work when one organization is using
the name for their specific software product(s).  Thus, it's not
appropriate for some other group of people to be working on and
promoting some "Fluo-Foobar" software elsewhere, if the podling is
hoping to become Apache Fluo the top level project.

That's because users won't clearly understand the difference between
*who* is providing Fluo-Foobar versus providing Apache Fluo.  Trademark
law is specifically meant to ensure that when users learn about a name,
they know who is providing a product.  It prevents you from someone
serving a Pepsi to you when you ask for Coke, for example.

Branding issues are not something that have to be solved immediately
during the early incubation phase; it takes time to both have the
community decide what you want to do, as well as do the work to update
names.  I see from this thread and on the Incubator list the PPMC is
discussing this and moving in the right direction, which is great, so
I'm not concerned here.

Long term, Apache TLP projects are expected to meet some minimum website
display standards, and to act in an independent manner.  That's why we
have  the incubation process - so there's ample time for the community
to move your work to the Apache Way.  The policies are here:


- Personally I would recommend keeping the fluo.io domain, transferring
it to the ASF, and asking infra to renew it for another year.  Long term
it will need to be a simple redirect to the proper fluo.apache.org
website, but if you have lots of pre-existing links, it's fine to keep
the name so they still work (but redirect to fluo.a.o).

- In terms of what software goes where, that's up for the individuals
maintaining these different bits to decide (and decide if they want to
donate to the podling, or keep building them externally as separate
software products).  The key point is ensuring that the project only
checks in code under an allowable permissive license, and that the
project is planning on using it for releases (or testing, docs, whatever).

- Shane

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