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From mwa...@apache.org
Subject [1/2] incubator-fluo-website git commit: Major refactoring of release posts
Date Fri, 14 Oct 2016 18:49:24 GMT
Repository: incubator-fluo-website
Updated Branches:
  refs/heads/gh-pages 0495f99c7 -> 05f7bf0db

diff --git a/_posts/release/2016-01-12-fluo-1.0.0-beta-2.md b/_posts/release/2016-01-12-fluo-1.0.0-beta-2.md
index c6cc6d6..714594f 100644
--- a/_posts/release/2016-01-12-fluo-1.0.0-beta-2.md
+++ b/_posts/release/2016-01-12-fluo-1.0.0-beta-2.md
@@ -1,40 +1,193 @@
-title: Fluo 1.0.0-beta-2 Release
-date: 2016-01-12 15:30:00
+title: Fluo 1.0.0-beta-2 released
+date: 2016-01-12 15:30:00 +0000
 version: fluo-1.0.0-beta-2
 historical: true
-redirect_from: /1.0.0-beta-2-release/
+ - /1.0.0-beta-2-release/
+ - /1.0.0-beta-2-release-notes/
+ - /release-notes/fluo-1.0.0-beta-2/
-The [1.0.0-beta-2][release] release is the third release of Fluo and likely the final
-release before 1.0.0.
-It contains the following significant improvements:
- * Fluo metrics were improved and can now be sent to InfluxDB and viewed in Grafana.
- * Improvements were made to Fluo to make it work better with Apache Spark.
- * Several performances improvements were made to decrease transaction commit time.
- * Fluo administration was improved with bug fixes and the addition of new commands.
- * Several improvements were made to the Fluo API.
-Fluo is now at a point where its two cluster test suites, [Webindex][webindex]
-and [Stress][fluo-stress], are running well for long periods on EC2.
+Fluo 1.0.0-beta-2 is the third release of Fluo and likely the final release before 1.0.0.
+Fluo is now at a point where its two cluster test suites, [Webindex][webindex] and
+[Stress][fluo-stress], are running well for long periods on EC2.
 Below are resources for this release:
- * Read the [release notes][notes] for a full list of notable features and bug fixes.
- * View the [documentation][docs] for help getting started with Fluo.
  * Download the [Fluo binary tarball][release] for 1.0.0-beta-2 from GitHub.
+ * View the [documentation][docs] for help getting started with Fluo.
  * [Javadocs][apidocs] are available for this release.
  * A [tag] of Fluo codebase for 1.0.0-beta-2 is available.
  * The [Quickstart] and [Phrasecount] applications were updated to work with this release.
+This release closed [48 tickets][tickets]. There is no upgrade path from 1.0.0-beta-1 to
+1.0.0-beta-2. Many improvements in this release were driven by the creation of two new
+Fluo related projects:
+* [Fluo recipes][fluo-recipes] is a collection of common development patterns
+designed to make Fluo application development easier.  Creating Fluo recipes
+required new Fluo functionality and updates to the Fluo API.  The first release
+of Fluo recipes has been made and is available in [Maven Central][central].
+* [WebIndex][webindex] is an example Fluo application that indexes links to web
+pages in multiple ways.  Webindex enabled the testing of Fluo on real data at
+scale.  It also inspired improvements to Fluo to allow it to work better with
+Apache Spark.
+## Significant features
+This release contains many new features that makes it easier to run, develop, and monitor
Fluo applications.
+#### Improved Fluo metrics that can be sent to InfluxDB and viewed in Grafana
+In [#569][569], [#570][570], & [#580][580], Fluo metrics and monitoring were refactored
to fix several
+bugs and allow metrics to be sent to [InfluxDB][influxdb] and viewed in [Grafana][grafana].
 Fluo metrics 
+are still instrumented using [Dropwizard metrics][dropwizard] but in [#574][574] metrics
configuration was 
+moved from its own file and to now reside in `fluo.properties`.  While Fluo metrics can still
be sent to 
+many different tools (i.e Graphite, Ganglia), Fluo now ships with configuration that can
be used to configure 
+a Fluo dashboard in Grafana that queries InfluxDB.  To set up the sending of Fluo metrics
to InfluxDB/Grafana,
+view this [documentation][grafana-docs] or consider using [Fluo-dev][fluo-dev] or [Zetten][zetten]
+to run Fluo as they can install InfluxDB+Grafana and setup metrics for you.
+#### Improved Fluo administration
+Several commands were added to the `fluo` script which is used to administer Fluo.  A `fluo
exec` command
+([#581][581]) was created to provide an easy way to execute application code using Fluo classes
and dependencies.
+A `fluo list` command ([#523][523]) was created to let users list all Fluo applications within
a Fluo instance.
+The `fluo scan` command now has a `--raw` option ([#597][597]) that prints Fluo data as stored
in Accumulo. This
+was accomplished by moving the Fluo formatter from Accumulo shell to the scan command.  The
scan command can now
+format non-ascii characters as hex ([#568][568]).  The `fluo new` command was improved to
prevent users from
+setting invalid Fluo application names ([#510][510]).  A bug was fixed in the `fluo start`
command that was causing
+time outs when starting applications ([#562][562]).  Finally, the `fluo` command can now
be run without the `apps/`
+directory configured for an application for most commands ([#524][524]). Only the `init`
and `start` commands need
+this directory configured.  All other commands only require the default properties file to
be configured at 
+#### Made Fluo work better with Spark
+Several changes were made to Fluo to allow it work better with Apache Spark.  All Fluo data
types now implement
+`Serializable` and can be use in Spark RDDs ([#539][539]).  Fluo data types also now implement
`Comparable` which
+allows RDDs of Fluo data types to be sorted ([#544][544]).  Also, a no args constructor was
created for the
+MutableBytes data type to enable Kryo serialization in Spark ([#549][549]).  Finally, a new
InputFormat called
+`FluoEntryInputFormat` was created that returns key/value entries and the existing `FluoInputFormat`
that returns
+rows was renamed `FluoRowInputFormat` ([#538][538],[#540][540]).
+#### Performance improvements
+A good bit of time was spent analyzing Fluo while it was running to determine
+where time is spent when executing transactions.   Based on this analysis, it
+was found that a good bit of time was spent committing transactions.  Changes
+were made in Fluo and Accumulo in order to decrease commit time.  For Fluo, the
+following changes were made :
+* [#591][591] - Shared batch writer increases transaction history
+* [#590][590] - Increased batch writer threads and made configurable
+* [#589][589] - Added 2nd conditional writer and logging of commit times
+* [#584][584] - Adjust number of conditional writer threads based on cluster size
+For Accumulo, changes are being made in [ACCUMULO-4066] to decrease the time it
+takes to process conditional mutations.  Conditional mutations are used when
+Fluo commits a transaction.
+These changes resulted in nice improvements over beta-1 in testing.  However there
+is probably still room for improvement.  More analysis is needed.
+#### API Changes
+Once Fluo 1.0.0 is released, all releases after that will follow
+[semver](http://semver.org/).  For now some small API changes are still being
+made.  The following API changes happened between beta-1 and beta-2.
+* [#566][566] - Added RowColumnValue and made Accumulo init code use it
+* [#551][551] - Added method to get start timestamp of transaction
+* [#550][550] - Changed setObservers() to addObservers()
+#### Other important improvements and bug fixes
+* [#598][598] - Upgraded Hadoop to 2.6.3 and Accumulo to 1.6.4
+* [#587][587] - Specified datasource for all graphs in fluo's Grafana dashboard
+* [#586][586] - Added efficient and easy way to build Bytes objects
+* [#578][578] - Plot nothing in Grafana when no data exists
+* [#573][573] - Fixed issues building against Accumulo 1.8.0-SNAPSHOT
+* [#561][561] - Stopped checkstyle mvn plugin from running at validate
+* [#559][559] - Eventually drop deleted data
+* [#558][558] - Added arguments to deploy command to skip findbugs, checkstyle, and auto-formatting
+* [#556][556] - Make TravisCI deploy snapshot jars after successful builds
+* [#552][552] - Made eclipse stop complaining about unknown plugins
+* [#547][547] - Provide better documentation for LoaderExecutor
+* [#535][535] - Upgraded Twill to 0.6.0-incubating
+* [#520][520] - Consolidate all implementation properties into FluoConfigurationImpl
+* [#518][518] - Make Oracle run on a random port
+* [#513][513] - Unable to pass spaces to scan command
+* [#495][495] - Add support for notifications to Fluo formatter
+## Testing
+For this release, a long run of the [Webindex][webindex] application was performed and is
documented in
+[a blog post][webindex-post].  A long run of [Fluo stress][fluo-stress] was run and documented
+[another blog post][stress-post].
 [release]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/releases/tag/1.0.0-beta-2
-[notes]: /release-notes/fluo-1.0.0-beta-2/
+[Fluo]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo
+[webindex]: https://github.com/fluo-io/webindex
+[fluo-recipes]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo-recipes
+[central]: http://search.maven.org/#search|ga|1|fluo-recipes
 [apidocs]: /apidocs/fluo/1.0.0-beta-2/
 [docs]: /docs/fluo/1.0.0-beta-2/
 [tag]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/tree/1.0.0-beta-2
 [Quickstart]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo-quickstart
 [Phrasecount]: https://github.com/fluo-io/phrasecount
-[webindex]: https://github.com/fluo-io/webindex
 [fluo-stress]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo-stress
+[ACCUMULO-4066]: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/ACCUMULO-4066
+[tickets]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues?q=milestone%3A1.0.0-beta-2+is%3Aclosed
+[fluo-dev]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo-dev
+[zetten]: https://github.com/fluo-io/zetten
+[dropwizard]: https://dropwizard.github.io/metrics/3.1.0/
+[grafana-docs]: /docs/fluo/1.0.0-beta-2/grafana/
+[influxdb]: https://github.com/influxdata/influxdb
+[grafana]: http://grafana.org/
+[webindex]: https://github.com/fluo-io/webindex
+[stress-post]: /blog/2015/12/22/beta-2-pre-release-stress-test/
+[webindex-post]: /blog/2016/01/11/webindex-long-run/
+[598]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/pull/598
+[597]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/597
+[591]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/591
+[590]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/pull/590
+[589]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/pull/589
+[587]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/pull/587
+[586]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/pull/586
+[584]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/pull/584
+[581]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/pull/581
+[580]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/580
+[578]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/pull/578
+[574]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/574
+[573]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/pull/573
+[570]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/570
+[569]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/569
+[568]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/568
+[566]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/pull/566
+[562]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/562
+[561]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/pull/561
+[559]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/559
+[558]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/pull/558
+[556]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/556
+[552]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/pull/552
+[551]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/pull/551
+[550]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/pull/550
+[549]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/pull/549
+[547]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/547
+[544]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/544
+[540]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/540
+[539]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/539
+[538]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/538
+[535]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/pull/535
+[524]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/524
+[523]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/523
+[520]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/520
+[518]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/518
+[513]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/513
+[510]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/510
+[495]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/495
+[20]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/20

diff --git a/_posts/release/2016-01-13-fluo-recipes-1.0.0-beta-1.md b/_posts/release/2016-01-13-fluo-recipes-1.0.0-beta-1.md
index 6d82aff..682d2b7 100644
--- a/_posts/release/2016-01-13-fluo-recipes-1.0.0-beta-1.md
+++ b/_posts/release/2016-01-13-fluo-recipes-1.0.0-beta-1.md
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-title: Fluo Recipes 1.0.0-beta-1 release
-date: 2016-01-13 15:30:00
+title: Fluo Recipes 1.0.0-beta-1 released
+date: 2016-01-13 15:30:00 +0000
 version: fluo-recipes-1.0.0-beta-1
 historical: true

diff --git a/_posts/release/2016-03-29-fluo-recipes-1.0.0-beta-2.md b/_posts/release/2016-03-29-fluo-recipes-1.0.0-beta-2.md
index fd96f1e..440a086 100644
--- a/_posts/release/2016-03-29-fluo-recipes-1.0.0-beta-2.md
+++ b/_posts/release/2016-03-29-fluo-recipes-1.0.0-beta-2.md
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-title: Fluo Recipes 1.0.0-beta-2 release
-date: 2016-03-29 15:30:00
+title: Fluo Recipes 1.0.0-beta-2 released
+date: 2016-03-29 15:30:00 +0000
 version: fluo-recipes-1.0.0-beta-2
 historical: true

diff --git a/_posts/release/2016-09-27-fluo-1.0.0-incubating.md b/_posts/release/2016-09-27-fluo-1.0.0-incubating.md
index 2d581b7..8183bb7 100644
--- a/_posts/release/2016-09-27-fluo-1.0.0-incubating.md
+++ b/_posts/release/2016-09-27-fluo-1.0.0-incubating.md
@@ -1,27 +1,139 @@
-title: Fluo 1.0.0-incubating release
-date: 2016-09-27 15:30:00
+title: Apache Fluo 1.0.0-incubating released
+date: 2016-09-27 15:30:00 +0000
 version: fluo-1.0.0-incubating
 Apache Fluo 1.0.0-incubating is the first release of Fluo as an Apache project and the fourth
 release for the project. Below are resources for this release:
- * Download release: [fluo-1.0.0-incubating-bin.tgz][binary] 
- * Verify release: [ASC][asc] [MD5][md5] [SHA1][sha1]
- * [Release notes][notes]
- * [Documentation][docs]
- * [Javadocs][apidocs] 
+ * Download a release tarball and verify by these [procedures] using these [KEYS]
-Starting with 1.0.0-incubating, Apache Fluo will follow [semver](http://semver.org/) for
all API
-changes. The API consists of everything under the **org.apache.fluo.api** package. Code outside
of this
+   | [fluo-1.0.0-incubating-bin.tar.gz][bin-release]            | [ASC][bin-asc] [MD5][md5]
[SHA1][sha1] |
+   | [fluo-1.0.0-incubating-source-release.tar.gz][src-release] | [ASC][src-asc] [MD5][md5]
[SHA1][sha1] |
+ * View the [documentation][docs] for this release.
+ * Read the [Javadocs][apidocs].
+Starting with 1.0.0-incubating, Apache Fluo will follow [semver](http://semver.org/) for
all future API
+changes. The API consists of everything under the `org.apache.fluo.api` package. Code outside
of this
 package can change at any time. If your project is using Fluo code that falls outside of
the API,
 then consider [initiating a discussion](/getinvolved/) about adding it to the API.
-[binary]: https://www.apache.org/dyn/closer.lua/incubator/fluo/fluo/1.0.0-incubating/fluo-1.0.0-incubating-bin.tar.gz
-[asc]: https://www.apache.org/dist/incubator/fluo/fluo/1.0.0-incubating/fluo-1.0.0-incubating-bin.tar.gz.asc
+## Significant changes
+The 1.0.0-incubating release includes [167 commits][commits] that were made since the last
+(1.0.0-beta-2).  The significant changes are summarized below. For information about changes
+before this release, see the [archive](/pre-asf-release/) of Fluo releases before becoming
an Apache
+#### Stabilized API 
+Starting with this release, Apache Fluo's API will follow [semver].  The API is defined as
+everything under the org.apache.fluo.api Java package.  Given that the plan is to support
this API
+for a long time, a lot of API improvements were made since the beta-2 release.  The following
is a
+list of significant API changes since beta-2.
+ * [#772][772] : Get with default
+ * [#770][770] : Use varargs for Columns
+ * [#768][768] : Made Obsever and Application configuration consistent
+ * [#743][743] : Make data classes final
+ * [#723][723] : Removed FluoAdmin.InitOps()
+ * [#714][714] : Use Charsequence in API
+ * [#695][695] : Removed all 3rd party types from API
+ * [#680][680] : Changed package prefix from io.fluo to org.apache
+ * [#647][647] : Added Oracle and Worker to API
+ * [#639][639] : Improved scanning API
+ * [#626][626] : Added operation to get row+column pairs.  Further improved by [#758][758].
+ * [#119][119] - Consistently offer String in API
+#### Configurable classpath
+The previous releases of Fluo contained specific versions of Accumulo, Hadoop, Zookeeper,
and other
+Fluo dependencies.  However, the actual dependencies needed should be determined by the existing
+version of software where Fluo is run.  Fluo changed to a model of making its classpath be
+completely configurable by an administrator.  Example classpath configuration and download
+ship with Fluo to help make setup easier.  These script were only tested with specific versions
+Hadoop and Accumulo and may not work with all versions.  These changes were made in [#706][706]
+#### New Fluo version command
+Added a version command to the Fluo scripts in [#779][779].  This makes it easy to automatically
+build shaded jars with the correct version of Fluo for use in Spark and Map Reduce.
+#### User and historical metrics
+Two major improvements related to metrics were made.  Support for user metrics was added
+[#767][767].  This allows observers to easily report application specific metrics.  In [#635][635]
+the example InfluxDB and Grafana configurations were updated to show historical metrics.
+#### Improved transaction processing
+Transaction processing throughput was increased by changes in [#593][593] and some subsequent
+fixes.   These changes moved commit processing from the threads executing user code to an
+asynchronous background process.  This allows user threads to queue a transaction for commit
+immediately start working on another notification.  This new process allows many more transactions
+to be working through the commit process concurrently.  Before the change a worker could
only be
+committing up to a few hundred transactions at any time.   After the change, a single worker
+easily be committing tens of thousands of transactions at a time.  These changes increase
the latency of 
+individual transactions, which can have some drawbacks [#650][650].   For this release changes
+made in [#654][654] to use a priority queue for notifications in the worker.  The changes
+[#654][654] partially solves the lock wait problem identified in [#650][650].
+#### Improved Accumulo scanning
+Fluo utilizes server side Accumulo iterators.  For this release these iterators were modified
+leverage seeking on the sever side.  Before these changes the iterators used to sequentially
+data.  For popular cells that had a lot versions, this could be slow.  These changes were
made in
+## Other changes of interest
+* [#668][668] - Added method to append byte to BytesBuilder
+* [#648][648] - Added documentation to help users if YARN is killing containers
+* [#619][619] [#621][621] - Created Fluo logo
+## Testing
+A two day run of Webindex was started on September 7th using the latest snapshot version
of Fluo.
+This test used 11 EC2 m3.xlarge nodes.  The test ran without problem.   A good bit before
that a [3
+day run](/blog/2016/05/17/webindex-long-run-2/) of Webindex was conducted.
+[procedures]: https://www.apache.org/info/verification
+[KEYS]: https://www.apache.org/dist/incubator/fluo/KEYS
+[bin-release]: https://www.apache.org/dyn/closer.lua/incubator/fluo/fluo/1.0.0-incubating/fluo-1.0.0-incubating-bin.tar.gz
+[bin-asc]: https://www.apache.org/dist/incubator/fluo/fluo/1.0.0-incubating/fluo-1.0.0-incubating-bin.tar.gz.asc
+[src-release]: https://www.apache.org/dyn/closer.lua/incubator/fluo/fluo/1.0.0-incubating/fluo-1.0.0-incubating-source-release.tar.gz
+[src-asc]: https://www.apache.org/dist/incubator/fluo/fluo/1.0.0-incubating/fluo-1.0.0-incubating-source-release.tar.gz.asc
 [md5]: https://www.apache.org/dist/incubator/fluo/fluo/1.0.0-incubating/MD5SUM
 [sha1]: https://www.apache.org/dist/incubator/fluo/fluo/1.0.0-incubating/SHA1SUM
-[notes]: /release-notes/fluo-1.0.0-incubating/
 [apidocs]: {{ site.fluo_api_base }}/1.0.0-incubating/
 [docs]: /docs/fluo/1.0.0-incubating/
+[semver]: http://semver.org/
+[commits]: https://github.com/apache/incubator-fluo/compare/1.0.0-beta-2...e1dbc60
+[779]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/779
+[772]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/772
+[770]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/770
+[768]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/768
+[767]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/767
+[758]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/758
+[743]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/743
+[723]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/723
+[714]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/714
+[706]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/706
+[695]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/695
+[687]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/687
+[680]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/680
+[668]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/668
+[654]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/654
+[650]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/650
+[648]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/648
+[647]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/647
+[639]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/639
+[635]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/635
+[626]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/626
+[623]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/623
+[621]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/621
+[619]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/619
+[593]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/593
+[119]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/issues/119

diff --git a/docs/fluo/1.0.0-beta-1/applications.md b/docs/fluo/1.0.0-beta-1/applications.md
index 238da3e..2f632a2 100644
--- a/docs/fluo/1.0.0-beta-1/applications.md
+++ b/docs/fluo/1.0.0-beta-1/applications.md
@@ -145,5 +145,5 @@ shows that a transaction with a start timestamp of `106` and a class name
 [FluoConfiguration]: /apidocs/fluo/1.0.0-beta-1/io/fluo/api/config/FluoConfiguration.html
 [AbstractObserver]: /apidocs/fluo/1.0.0-beta-1/io/fluo/api/observer/AbstractObserver.html
 [fluo.properties]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/blob/1.0.0-beta-1/modules/distribution/src/main/config/fluo.properties
-[API]: http://fluo.io/apidocs/
+[API]: /apidocs/fluo/1.0.0-beta-1/
 [metrics]: /docs/fluo/1.0.0-beta-1/metrics/

diff --git a/docs/fluo/1.0.0-beta-1/index.md b/docs/fluo/1.0.0-beta-1/index.md
index f864ae6..2ed4bee 100644
--- a/docs/fluo/1.0.0-beta-1/index.md
+++ b/docs/fluo/1.0.0-beta-1/index.md
@@ -8,8 +8,7 @@ version: 1.0.0-beta-1
 **Fluo is transaction layer that enables incremental processsing on big data.**
 Fluo is an implementation of [Percolator] built on [Accumulo] that runs in [YARN]. 
-It is not recommended for production use yet. Check out the Fluo [project website][fluo.io]
-for news and general information.
+It is not recommended for production use yet.
 ### Getting Started
@@ -34,7 +33,6 @@ application][applications] or configure your Fluo application to run an
 * [Contributing] - Documentation for developers who want to contribute to Fluo
 * [Metrics] - Fluo metrics are visible via JMX by default but can be configured to send to
Graphite or Ganglia
-[fluo.io]: http://fluo.io/
 [Accumulo]: http://accumulo.apache.org
 [Percolator]: http://research.google.com/pubs/pub36726.html
 [YARN]: http://hadoop.apache.org/docs/r2.5.1/hadoop-yarn/hadoop-yarn-site/YARN.html

diff --git a/docs/fluo/1.0.0-beta-2/applications.md b/docs/fluo/1.0.0-beta-2/applications.md
index 61f71bb..f1fd213 100644
--- a/docs/fluo/1.0.0-beta-2/applications.md
+++ b/docs/fluo/1.0.0-beta-2/applications.md
@@ -177,5 +177,5 @@ the `\` character is escaped to make the output unambiguous.
 [FluoConfiguration]: /apidocs/fluo/1.0.0-beta-2/io/fluo/api/config/FluoConfiguration.html
 [AbstractObserver]: /apidocs/fluo/1.0.0-beta-2/io/fluo/api/observer/AbstractObserver.html
 [fluo.properties]: https://github.com/fluo-io/fluo/blob/1.0.0-beta-2/modules/distribution/src/main/config/fluo.properties
-[API]: http://fluo.io/apidocs/
+[API]: /apidocs/fluo/1.0.0-beta-2/
 [metrics]: /docs/fluo/1.0.0-beta-2/metrics/

diff --git a/docs/fluo/1.0.0-beta-2/index.md b/docs/fluo/1.0.0-beta-2/index.md
index ff44e4b..09b8fcd 100644
--- a/docs/fluo/1.0.0-beta-2/index.md
+++ b/docs/fluo/1.0.0-beta-2/index.md
@@ -8,8 +8,7 @@ version: 1.0.0-beta-2
 **Fluo is transaction layer that enables incremental processing on big data.**
 Fluo is an implementation of [Percolator] built on [Accumulo] that runs in [YARN]. 
-It is not recommended for production use yet. Check out the Fluo [project website][fluo.io]
-for news and general information.
+It is not recommended for production use yet.
 ### Getting Started
@@ -34,7 +33,6 @@ application][applications] or configure your Fluo application to run an
 * [Contributing] - Documentation for developers who want to contribute to Fluo
 * [Metrics] - Fluo metrics are visible via JMX by default but can be configured to send to
Graphite or Ganglia
-[fluo.io]: http://fluo.io/
 [Accumulo]: http://accumulo.apache.org
 [Percolator]: http://research.google.com/pubs/pub36726.html
 [YARN]: http://hadoop.apache.org/docs/r2.5.1/hadoop-yarn/hadoop-yarn-site/YARN.html

diff --git a/index.html b/index.html
index 730f947..cb89860 100644
--- a/index.html
+++ b/index.html
@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ html_title_override: true
       <div class="row">
         <div class="col-sm-12 panel panel-default">
           <h2 id="news-header">Latest News</h2>
-          {% for post in site.categories.blog limit:site.num_home_posts %}
+          {% for post in site.posts limit:site.num_home_posts %}
           <div class="post-header-home">
             <div class="row">
               <div class="col-sm-12">
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ html_title_override: true
           {% endfor %}
           <div id="news-archive-link">
-            View all blog posts in the <a href="{{ site.baseurl }}/blog/">archive</a>
+            View all posts in the <a href="{{ site.baseurl }}/news/">news archive</a>

diff --git a/pages/blog-archive.html b/pages/blog-archive.html
deleted file mode 100644
index 7dd2e81..0000000
--- a/pages/blog-archive.html
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,15 +0,0 @@
-title: Blog Archive
-permalink: "/blog/"
-<div id="archive">
-  <h2 id="archive-header">{{ page.title }}</h2>
-{% for post in site.categories.blog %}
-  {% assign post_month_year = post.date | date: "%B %Y" %}
-  {% assign newer_post_month_year = post.next.date | date: "%B %Y" %}
-  {% if post_month_year != newer_post_month_year %}
-  <h3 class="archive-section-header">{{ post_month_year }}</h3>
-  {% endif %}
-  <p><a href="{{ site.baseurl }}{{ post.url }}" class="post-title-archive">{{
post.title }}</a> <small class="text-muted">{{ post.date | date_to_string }}</small></p>
-{% endfor %}

diff --git a/pages/download.md b/pages/download.md
index 08eb816..03a8e1c 100644
--- a/pages/download.md
+++ b/pages/download.md
@@ -2,9 +2,7 @@
 layout: page
 title: Download Apache Fluo
 permalink: /download/
+redirect_to: /release/fluo-{{ site.latest_fluo_release }}/
-Tarball distributions of Apache Fluo will be available on this page after its first release
as an Apache project.  
-Information about downloading releases of Fluo made prior to Apache is available [here](/pre-asf-download/)
+This page should redirect to the latest Apache Fluo release.

diff --git a/pages/getinvolved.md b/pages/getinvolved.md
index 59ee3ef..d76864c 100644
--- a/pages/getinvolved.md
+++ b/pages/getinvolved.md
@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ Contributions are welcome to all Apache Fluo projects! All projects follow
a [re
 [f]: https://github.com/apache/fluo
 [r]: https://github.com/apache/fluo-recipes
-[w]: https://github.com/fluo/fluo-io.github.io
+[w]: https://github.com/apache/incubator-fluo-website
 [fi]: https://github.com/apache/fluo/issues
 [ri]: https://github.com/apache/fluo-recipes/issues
 [wi]: https://github.com/apache/incubator-fluo-website/issues

diff --git a/pages/news.html b/pages/news.html
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..c8a10b5
--- /dev/null
+++ b/pages/news.html
@@ -0,0 +1,16 @@
+title: News Archive
+permalink: "/news/"
+redirect_from: /blog/
+<div id="archive">
+  <h2 id="archive-header">{{ page.title }}</h2>
+{% for post in site.posts %}
+  {% assign post_month_year = post.date | date: "%B %Y" %}
+  {% assign newer_post_month_year = post.next.date | date: "%B %Y" %}
+  {% if post_month_year != newer_post_month_year %}
+  <h3 class="archive-section-header">{{ post_month_year }}</h3>
+  {% endif %}
+  <p><a href="{{ site.baseurl }}{{ post.url }}" class="post-title-archive">{{
post.title }}</a> <small class="text-muted">{{ post.date | date_to_string }}</small></p>
+{% endfor %}

diff --git a/pages/pre-asf-release.md b/pages/pre-asf-release.md
index cd7785b..90265f4 100644
--- a/pages/pre-asf-release.md
+++ b/pages/pre-asf-release.md
@@ -1,10 +1,10 @@
 layout: page
-title: Pre-ASF releases
+title: Releases before Apache incubation
 permalink: "/pre-asf-release/"
-<div class="alert alert-danger" role="alert">Please note - This page links to non-ASF
releases. These releases were made before Apache Fluo became an ASF project and are not endorsed
by the ASF.</div>
+<div class="alert alert-danger" role="alert">Please note - This page links to releases
made before Apache incubation that are not endorsed by the ASF.</div>
 {% for release in site.categories.release %}
 {% if release.historical %}

diff --git a/pages/release-notes.md b/pages/release-notes.md
deleted file mode 100644
index 8a2346c..0000000
--- a/pages/release-notes.md
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,21 +0,0 @@
-layout: page
-title: Release Notes
-permalink: "/release-notes/"
-#### Apache Fluo release notes
-{% for release in site.categories.release-notes %}
-{% unless release.historical %}
-* [{{ release.version }}]({{ site.baseurl }}/release-notes/{{ release.version }}/) - {{ release.date
| date_to_string }}
-{% endunless %}
-{% endfor %}
-#### Release notes before Apache
-{% for release in site.categories.release-notes %}
-{% if release.historical %}
-* [{{ release.version }}]({{ site.baseurl }}/release-notes/{{ release.version }}/) - {{ release.date
| date_to_string }}
-{% endif %}
-{% endfor %}

diff --git a/pages/release.md b/pages/release.md
index 44f95ff..e898b86 100644
--- a/pages/release.md
+++ b/pages/release.md
@@ -12,4 +12,4 @@ Apache Fluo and Apache Fluo Recipes are released seperately on their own
 {% endunless %}
 {% endfor %}
-Releases before joining Apache are available in the [Pre-ASF release archive](/pre-asf-release/).
+Releases before joining Apache have been [archived](/pre-asf-release/).

diff --git a/resources/release-notes/1.0.0-beta-1/queued.png b/resources/release-notes/1.0.0-beta-1/queued.png
deleted file mode 100644
index ad4e46e..0000000
Binary files a/resources/release-notes/1.0.0-beta-1/queued.png and /dev/null differ

diff --git a/resources/release-notes/1.0.0-beta-1/rate.png b/resources/release-notes/1.0.0-beta-1/rate.png
deleted file mode 100644
index 0eb3368..0000000
Binary files a/resources/release-notes/1.0.0-beta-1/rate.png and /dev/null differ

diff --git a/resources/release/1.0.0-beta-1/queued.png b/resources/release/1.0.0-beta-1/queued.png
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..ad4e46e
Binary files /dev/null and b/resources/release/1.0.0-beta-1/queued.png differ

diff --git a/resources/release/1.0.0-beta-1/rate.png b/resources/release/1.0.0-beta-1/rate.png
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..0eb3368
Binary files /dev/null and b/resources/release/1.0.0-beta-1/rate.png differ

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