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From Christopher Shannon <cshannon...@gmail.com>
Subject Performance on Widows vs *NIX
Date Tue, 29 Jul 2014 17:15:18 GMT
For development and testing, I sometimes have to run multiple agents on the
same server / workstation. Recently I had to load test a second agent in a
Windows environment with a near identical configuration (except for paths
and more memory allocated to the JVM), but the agent in the second JVM soon
ground to a halt whereas the first JVM with less memory worked without

The total physicsl memory on the machine is 32 gb, and the total physical
RAM used never exceds 14GB. Disk space is plentiful. Agent A (started
first) has a max JVM heap space of 4 gb, the second JVM (Agent B) has 8 gb
allocated. Both use a spooling file source, a memory channel, and an Avro

Yet agent B is the one that slows down and evetually hangs. I have stood up
multiple Flume agents on Linux without this problem.

What could account for the degrading performance in a Windows environment
for the second agent but not the first?

All the best, Chris

p.s. The agent version is 1.3.0, and I can't change it for contractual

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