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From Alexandru Sicoe <adsi...@gmail.com>
Subject Splitting the event flow in Flume
Date Wed, 02 Oct 2013 11:45:30 GMT
Hello everyone,

My setup is the following: I am pulling xml messages from RabbitMQ via a
RabbitMQ Flume Source. Attached to this Source is an Interceptor which
parses the xml into csv and eventually the csv message is dumped to a csv
file by a the Sync. Both the Interceptor and Sync are my own custom

A simple sketch of this would be:
rabbitmq -> source -> interceptor -> channel -> sync -> file.csv

This works fine!

Now I need to figure how to also dump the raw xml content to an xml file as
well as the parsed csv content.

I have devised several methods to achieve this. I would like some advice on
whether the methods are possible and which one is the best?

1. Pulling the xml twice from RabbitMQ

rabbitmq -> source1 -> interceptor -> channel -> sync -> file.csv
              -> source2 -> channel -> sync -> file.xml

2. Pulling the xml once but generate both a csv and an xml from the

rabbitmq -> source1 -> interceptor -> channel -> sync -> file.csv
                                                   -> channel -> sync ->

3. Pulling the xml once and having a fan out source and an Interceptor
before the sync.

rabbitmq -> source1 -> channel -> interceptor -> sync -> file.csv
                              -> channel -> sync -> file.xml

In my opinion option 3 would be the best since it doesn't require pulling
the xml twice from RabbitMQ and doesn't require any change in the code that
I wrote. The problem is that I'm not sure it is possible. I tried the
following config file without success:

agent1.sources = rabbitmq-source1
agent1.channels = memch1
agent1.sinks = Console

agent1.sources.rabbitmq-source1.channels = memch1
agent1.sources.rabbitmq-source1.type =
agent1.sources.rabbitmq-source1.hostname = localhost
agent1.sources.rabbitmq-source1.queuename = hello

agent1.sinks.Console.interceptors = interceptor1
agent1.sinks.Console.interceptors.interceptor1.type =
agent1.sinks.Console.channel = memch1
agent1.sinks.Console.type = logger

agent1.channels.memch1.type = memory

Am I doing something wrong? or is option 3 not possible at all?


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