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From Sarah Etzler <Sarah.Etz...@crown.com>
Subject Re: Setting up JMS MessageSelector for JMS Flume Source
Date Mon, 16 Sep 2013 15:17:24 GMT

Thanks for your response.

I suppose my next question would be that Flume reads in the entire value 
following the first '=' character and passes that onto the JMS 
implementation, (in our case ActiveMQ)?  I just want to be positive that 
there isn't an issue with the second '=' character that would cause the 
JMS implementation to only receive the first part of the value or the 
whole value minus the '=' character.  I am only lead to think this because 
a proper java properties file would need to have the '=' escaped in some 
manner so I want to ensure that this is not the case with the Flume 
configuration file.

Thanks in advance!


From:   Brock Noland <brock@cloudera.com>
To:     "user@flume.apache.org" <user@flume.apache.org>, 
Date:   09/16/2013 11:12 AM
Subject:        Re: Setting up JMS MessageSelector for JMS Flume Source


Just to make sure we are the same page, the message selector is a JMS
concept, not a Flume one. We take whatever string you give us an pass
it to the JMS implementation you are using. Here is some more details
on JMS Message Selectors:

Based on that page I would think the syntax you specified is correct.


On Mon, Sep 16, 2013 at 10:06 AM, Sarah Etzler <Sarah.Etzler@crown.com> 
> How does the messageSelector property work for the JMS source? Do the 
> need to be in quotes or escaped? The following example does not seem to
> work:
> agent.sources.src.messageSelector = commType = 'ascii'
> Thanks,
> Sarah

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