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From Jon Bender <jonathan.ben...@gmail.com>
Subject Flume NG - preferred alternative to TailSource
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2012 17:22:16 GMT
Hi folks,

I'm contemplating moving our current Flume 0.94 pipeline to Flume NG.  At
the moment we make heavy use of the "multitail" source with some custom
plugins to open up files/archives as they arrive in a specified directory,
do some parsing and then emit the parsed events.

Ideally I would replace this stage with some Flume NG counterpart.  Is
there any Flume NG source that is designed to emit events from files, or is
the suggestion that we build standalone parsers / tailers and
transmit/receive the events over some standard RPC (using Avro, for


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