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From alo alt <wget.n...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Throughput issue/load balancing
Date Tue, 03 Jul 2012 05:47:32 GMT

No, if one collector dies the other will be used. You can create crossover sinks like:

Agent1 => Collector2,Collector1
Agent2 => Collector1, Collector2

If one collector dies, the other have to handle the load from the other too.


On Jul 3, 2012, at 5:18 AM, Camp, Roy wrote:

> Flume 0.9.4-cdh3u3
> We have a couple dozen agents connecting to two collectors and a majority of events appear
to be flowing into one collector.  I am trying to load archived data from two of the agents
(two different hosts) but they hit a throughput limit.  When investigating it appears that
all the events are only flowing to one collector.  Shouldn't flume be utilizing the second
collector for increased throughput?
> My config:
> All agents: thriftSource(12345) | autoE2EChain;
> Both collectors:  autoCollectorSource | [ackChecker cassandraBasin("analyticsks", ""),
< lazyOpen stubbornAppend thriftSink("",30313) ? diskFailover insistentOpen lazyOpen
stubbornAppend thriftSink("",30313) >];
> Agent logs show them opening a connection to both collectors upon startup.
> Thanks,
> Roy

Alexander Alten-Lorenz
German Hadoop LinkedIn Group: http://goo.gl/N8pCF

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