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From Young Kim <y...@crunchyroll.com>
Subject flume-ng syslogtcp issue
Date Tue, 10 Jul 2012 20:59:21 GMT
Hey guys, 

I've been trying to use flume-ng (build in trunk) to read syslogs through tcp then write to
a flat file, as seen in this configuration:

# Source, sink, and channel name below
syslog-agent.channels = rmc
syslog-agent.sources = syslog
syslog-agent.sinks = flat

# Configure channels
syslog-agent.channels.rmc.type = memory

# Configure sources
syslog-agent.sources.syslog.type = syslogTcp
syslog-agent.sources.syslog.port = 5140
syslog-agent.sources.syslog.host =
syslog-agent.sources.syslog.channels = rmc

# Configure sinks
syslog-agent.sinks.flat.type = FILE_ROLL
syslog-agent.sinks.flat.directory = /Users/ykim/Desktop/test
syslog-agent.sinks.flat.rollInterval = 0
syslog-agent.sinks.flat.channels = rmc

After a bit of wrangling with rsyslog configurations, it appeared as if rsyslog wasn't sending
any packets. However, I decided to try out flume-og with a simple dump syslogTcp, and it correctly
reads the syslog. At this point, I'm a bit lost and not sure what else to look at. Hopefully,
someone on here can shed some light on what could be wrong. 

Young Kim

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