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From Trevor Francis <trevor.fran...@tgrahamcapital.com>
Subject Flume Cassandra Sink Error
Date Thu, 19 Apr 2012 04:43:55 GMT
ERROR com.cloudera.flume.conf.SinkFactoryImpl: Could not find class org.apache.cassandra.plugins.flume.sink.LogsandraSyslogSink
for plugin loading

currently have:

    <description>Comma separated list of plugin classes</description>

in the flume-site.xml

and exporting path
export FLUME_CLASSPATH=`pwd`/flume-cassandra-plugin-1.0.0.jar:`pwd`/uuid-3.2.0.jar:`pwd`/cassandra-thrift-1.0.6.jar

any ideas?

Trevor Francis

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