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From "M. Karthikeyan" <m.karthike...@ericsson.com>
Subject Flume Master Auto Configuration like DHCP
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2012 04:49:20 GMT
Im looking at the possibility of having a DHCP like setup using Flume. Let me explain the
1) A Flume master that remembers Flume Agent and Flume Collector configuration details for
different Network Element types.
2) Any new Network Element in the network would have the Flume node running by default and
will be configured to contact the Flume Master.
3) The NE must give its NE-Type to the Flume Master as part of its initial registration with
Flume Master. Based on the NE type, the Flume Master must pick up corresponding config details
(also considering some other dynamic conditions like load etc) and push to the Flume node,
instructing it to act as a particular Flume Agent.
4) When a particular NE generates more traffic than normal, the Master must be able to dynamically
instantiate one more logical Flume Agent in another NE and make it share the job of reading
data from the first NE
Is all this possible in an pre-programmed, automated fashion in Flume?

Thanks & Regards,

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