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From Aeden Jameson <aeden.jame...@gmail.com>
Subject Using key.fields in 1.12
Date Wed, 06 Jan 2021 03:36:45 GMT
I've upgraded from 1.11.1 to 1.12 in hopes of using the key.fields
feature of the Kafa SQL Connector. My current connector is configured
as ,

connector.type    = 'kafka'
connector.version = 'universal'
connector.topic   = 'my-topic'
connector.properties.group.id = 'my-consumer-group'
connector.properties.bootstrap.servers = '...'
format.type = 'avro'
format.avro-schema = '....'

I tried adding

key.fields = 'my_key_field'

as well as

key.format = 'avro'
key.fields = 'my_key_field'

but I get the exception

Caused by: org.apache.flink.table.api.NoMatchingTableFactoryException:
Could not find a suitable table factory for
'org.apache.flink.table.factories.TableSourceFactory' in
the classpath.

Reason: No factory supports all properties.

The matching candidates:
Unsupported property keys:

The following factories have been considered:
        at org.apache.flink.table.factories.TableFactoryService.filterBySupportedProperties(TableFactoryService.java:434)
        at org.apache.flink.table.factories.TableFactoryService.filter(TableFactoryService.java:195)
        at org.apache.flink.table.factories.TableFactoryService.findSingleInternal(TableFactoryService.java:143)
        at org.apache.flink.table.factories.TableFactoryService.find(TableFactoryService.java:96)
        at org.apache.flink.table.factories.TableFactoryUtil.findAndCreateTableSource(TableFactoryUtil.java:46)
        ... 21 more

I have validated that the uber jar clearly contains the 1.12
dependencies. What is that magic combination of properties to get
key.fields to work? Or is it not supported with avro?

Thank You,

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