Thats what I wanted to know I will I be able to achieve same only with flink if not use drool engine?

From: Jörn Franke <>
Sent: 24 June 2020 12:46
To: Jaswin Shah <>
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Subject: Re: DROOLS rule engine with flink
I would implement them directly in Flink/Flink table API.

I don’t think Drools plays well in this distributed scenario. It expects a centralized rule store and evaluation .

Am 23.06.2020 um 21:03 schrieb Jaswin Shah <>:

Hi I am thinking of using some rule engine like DROOLS with flink to solve a problem described below:

I have stream of events coming from kafka topic and I want to analyze those events based on some rules and give the results in results streams when rules are satisfied. 

Now, I am able to solve the same problem with flink entirely but I need to write hard coded conditions in flink for the rules and in future I want to keep my flink job generic that if any rules are changed I should not need the redeployment of flink job.

Use case:
Consider there are events coming like A,B,C D....and those events are denoting those entity A is down, B is down,C is down ...etc.

Now, there are many rules like:
1.A is actually down if A is down and there are 3 Bs for A are A entity can have B in event json so.

2. B IS ACTUALLY DOWN IF B IS DOWN AND 2As for B are not down.


See the not condition here, so,  here When I received event of B down the, I will wait for buffer time say 1 min and after 1 min if I dont receive 2A down events, I declare B as down in result stream.

Here basically we check on events at some minute so, keyboard minute.==》very imp

I need a help on how can use DROOls engine to get those rules out from business logic and also maintenaning maximum partitioning as I am able to do it with static rules.

Any help will be really appreciated.