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From Li Peng <li.p...@doordash.com>
Subject Flink 1.10.1 not using FLINK_TM_HEAP for TaskManager JVM Heap size correctly?
Date Fri, 12 Jun 2020 08:08:47 GMT
Hey folks, we recently migrated from Flink 1.9.x to 1.10.1, and we noticed
some wonky behavior in how JVM is configured:

1. We Add FLINK_JM_HEAP=5000m and FLINK_TM_HEAP=1400m variables to the
2. The JobManager allocates the right heap size as expected
3. However, the TaskManager (started via taskmanager.sh), logs this instead:

 - 'taskmanager.memory.flink.size' is not specified, use the *configured
> deprecated task manager heap value (1.367gb (1468006400 bytes)) for it.*
>  - The derived from fraction jvm overhead memory (184.000mb (192937987
> bytes)) is less than its min value 192.000mb (201326592 bytes), min value
> will be used instead
> BASH_JAVA_UTILS_EXEC_RESULT:*-Xmx599785462 -Xms599785462*
> -XX:MaxDirectMemorySize=281018370 -XX:MaxMetaspaceSize=268435456

So the logs say it will use the configured 1400m as expected, but for some
reason it picks 599785462 as the heap size instead (TaskManagerRunner logs
that Maximum heap size is 572 MiBytes, so it's verified that the 1400m
value is not used)?

Anyone know if I'm missing a setting here or something?


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