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From Aissa Elaffani <aissaelaff...@gmail.com>
Subject Window Function use case;
Date Thu, 04 Jun 2020 13:45:14 GMT
Hello guys,
I have a use case, where I am receiving data from sensors about their
status (Normal or Alerte), {SensorID:"1", FactoryID:"1", Status:"Normal"
..}, a factory can contain a lot of sensors, so what I want to do is, if
the status of one sensor in a factory, is Alerte I want to raise an alerte
for all the factory (the factory status must be alerte) ... I did a
stream.keyBy("FactoryID").window(). can you please suggest me a
window function that can fulfill my use case (if one sensor of a factory
raises "alerte" I want the factory status to be "alerte") ... I hope
someone can understand my use case !! Sorry for disturbing you, and thak
you for your time !

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