Hi Roc

Blink-1.5 should never make the promise that it could be compatible with Flink-1.10.
Moreover, the SavepointV3Serializer in Blink is totally no the same thing as Flink, and the reason why we introduce SavepointV3Serializer is because we use different state handle when we open source blink. As you can see, we use "org.apache.flink.runtime.state.KeyGroupsStateSnapshot" instead of "org.apache.flink.runtime.state.KeyGroupsStateHandle", and thus the savepoint generated by Blink cannot be easily consumed by Flink.

Yun Tang

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Subject: Re: the savepoint problem of upgrading job from blink-1.5 to flink-1.10
Could you please share the stack or the log message?
If I understand correctly, savepoint V3 is not contained in 1.10, 


Roc Marshal <flinker@126.com> 于2020年5月15日周五 下午4:33写道:
Hi, all.

When using savepoint to upgrade a Flink job from blink-1.5 to flink-1.10, 
the system prompts that blink savepointV3 is incompatible with the version in Flink. Is there any solution? 

Thank you so much.

Roc Marshal