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From Alexander Fedulov <alexan...@ververica.com>
Subject Re: Watermarks and parallelism
Date Thu, 14 May 2020 15:55:22 GMT
Hi Gnana,

1. No, watermarks are generated independently per subtask. I think this
section of the docs might make things more clear - [1]

2. The same watermark from the input of the keyBy will be dispatched to all
of the instances of the downstream keyed operator. That said, there is no
global coordination between the subtasks. The same watermark can arrive at
the downstream subtask at a different time, depending on how much time
they'd spend on the input channels. Notice also that watermarks are managed
on the subtask level, not at the level of the individual keys.

3. I am not quite sure I get what you mean by this one and what exactly you
try to achieve. I assume you want to basically have parallel windows that
are scoped to all of the items coming from a corresponding subtask of the
previous non-keyed operator. As Flink windows can be executed in parallel
only on keyed streams, you could  do a little trick - use
`reinterpredAsKeyedStream` [2]
This will make it possible to basically have a "passthrough" partitioning,
without an actual data shuffle. Another alternative would be to implement
your Map function as a RichMapFunction, which gives you the access to the
runtime context. From there:
1) use `getRuntimeContext().getIndexOfThisSubtask();` to retrieve the ID of
the current subtask
2) enrich your events with a new field, containing the subtask ID
3) use this ID as the key in your keyBy operator
The problem is that both of those approaches will be non-deterministic in
terms of state recovery when, for instance, you would like to scale out
your job to a higher degree of parallelism. You'd need to decide if this is
relevant for your use case.




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On Thu, May 14, 2020 at 6:14 AM Gnanasoundari Soundarajan <
gnanasoundari.soundarajan@man-es.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have below queries in flink. Could anyone help me to understand?
> *Query:*
> 1 Is watermark maintained  globally at the operator level?
> 2 When we have a keyByOperator with parallelism >1, is there a single
> watermark maintained across all the parallel subtasks or for each of the
> parallel subtasks
> 3. Assuming I have a keybyoperator with parallelism > 1, is it possible
> to feed data to this operator from only one stream from the previous
> parameter (say map (1) always goes to window (1)
> Regards,
> Gnana

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