Hi Salva,

One TaskManager == One JVM. There is nothing Flink specific here, you can just create a singleton how you would in any other JVM application. But be careful, if your singleton does any sort of locking/coordination it will quickly become the bottleneck in your application. I would strongly encourage you to create one instance of your object per ProcessFunction, inside of open. That would be one instance per slot which is not equal to the parallelism of your operator. This would not create an object per key if that is your concern.

On Mon, Apr 6, 2020 at 5:26 AM Salva Alcántara <salcantaraphd@gmail.com> wrote:
I need to create a singleton (manager) object to be used within all the
parallel instances of my UDF operator (a `ProcessFunction`). What is the
proper way of creating such a singleton object per task manager?

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